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 November 5, 2003
House & Home
Yellow Pages
S'Mores Maker
Time now for Eyewitness News Does it Work. There's nothing quite like sitting around a campfire eating s'mores. If you're not the "outdoorsy" type, you're missing out on a delicious treat! But maybe not anymore. Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us with more.
Clean Between Machine
Time now for Eyewitness News Does it Work. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on products to whiten and clean our teeth. So if a product comes along that promises 'no more flossing' at an affordable price, it sounds too good to be true! So, is it? Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us now with more.
Disposable Toilet Brush
It's a back-breaking, dirty, even dangerous chore!!  You guessed it, we're talking about cleaning the toilet. But fear not, a brand-new product promises to eliminate the hassle and the danger in storing that filthy brush.  Problem solver Susan Hogan introduces us to the "Scrub-n-Flush".
Meat Thermometer
With all the talk about under cooked meat and the risk of salmanella, along comes a tool that claims you will "never serve under or overcooked food again!"  It's a thermometer fork that promises to read a meat's termperature fast and accurately. It even claims you can safely cook meat to it's proper temperature to eliminate food-bourne bacteria. Problem solver Susan Hogan put it to the test to find out...Does it Work?
Instant Marinade
Want that marinade flavor without having to wait 3 hours!  There's a new product that claims to marinate in seconds.  Problem Solver Susan Hogan has more.
Scissors War - Singer vs. Whizzers
Battery-operated scissors are a hot item. You've probably seen them on TV slicing through fabrics with ease. We bought to different brands: Whizzers and Singer's version of the wonder cutters. We brought both to a local expert to find out "Does It Work?"
The 15-minute Smart Spair
Imagine being stranded on a dark, lonely road with a flat tire...no help in sight.  Would you be prepared to fix it yourself?  A new product promises you can...no jacks or lug nuts needed. 
Liquid Scratch Removers
Scratches on your car could cost you hundreds of dollars... But  Call for Action found some do-it- yourself solutions that promise to do the trick at a fraction of the cost.  Problem Solver Susan Hogan puts them to the test in Does it Work.
Bug Off!
Time now for Eyewitness News Does it Work?  Tired of scratching all night from mosquitoe bites? If you've ever wondered whether those gimmicky mosquitoe repellants really work, we have got your answer. . Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us for "Does it Work".
Does it Work? Doggie Wipes
Call it animal instinct, your dog's desire to roll in the dirt, or walk through muddy puddles before coming into your clean house. You can't possibly bathe your pup every day...or can you? Arthur's bath-to-bath mitts and paw-wipes claim to be the answer to all your dirty doggie woes. Question is, does it work?
"Intuition" Razor
Call it women's intuition...or in this case, simply intuition. Schick has introduced a new razor just for ladies. With the bare-legged, summer season upon us, several viewers wanted us to put this new shaving phenomenon to the test.
BBQ and Patio Furniture Cleansers
If you had a Fourth of July cook-out, your patio furniture and grill may need a little attention. This week, our consumer team found two promising products that claim to clean your BBQ and deck furniture with ease.
Shark Sweeper!
Time now for Eyewitness News Does it Work. This week, the Shark Cordless Sweeper. The creators of the cordless sweeper claim its the "leader" in high performance cleaning. . But Does it work? . Problem Solver Susan Hogan brings us the results.
The Swiffer Duster and Stainless Steel Magic
Spring has finally sprung, and you may be itching to open the windows, dust out the closets, and get that spring cleaning underway.  Before you do, our consumer team put two products to the test.  Items promising to help you dust and polish your way to cleaning perfection. The "Swiffer Duster" and "Stainless Steel Magic."  As always, the packaging and promises sound great...but we wanted to know "Does it Work?"
Crest White Strips
We all strive for whiter, brighter, smiles - but achieving them can be expensive. Crest White Strips claim they can do the job of professionals for a fraction of the cost.
iMow Robotic Lawn Mower
Time now for Eyewitness News "Does it Work". Just when you think you've seen and heard it all. . It's a robotic lawn mower. . But is Toro's "i-Mow" cutting it? . Problem Solver Susan Hogan has tonights "Does it Work."
Weed Thrasher
Time now for Eyewitness News "Does it Work." Got weeds? . Get the "Weed thrasher"! . It claims it's a safer and easier way to trim weeds, no more threating spools of nylon through your weed trimmer! . Sounds great..but hold on, check out tonights..Does it Work. . Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us with the results. .
The "Roomba"
Time now for eyewitness news does it work. . Overworked moms...have we got a product for you. . Tired of vacuuming? . Call for action found a little robot called the "roomba" that vacuums your house while you lounge on the couch. Is this product for real? problem solver Susan Hogan joins us now with tonight's.."does it work."
Does it Work? The "CD Clinic"
It's a twenty-first century problem. You're watching a movie, playing a computer game, listening to your favorite cd; and right at the best part...it stops. Fingerprints, food, and scratches can cause major interruptions to your disks. But a new product claims it can easily and quickly get your cd's and dvd's back on track. Problem solver Susan Hogan introduces us to the "CD Clinic."
Does it Work? The "Simplique" Hair Remover
From eyebrows to bikini lines, even beards and unwanted facial hair, the "Simplique" hair remover claims to do it all. A painless, effortless, on-the-go clipper guaranteed to have you looking your best. Is it a straight "A" student, or does it fail out of beauty school? Problem solver brought our latest gadget to Arthur Angelo School of Beauty to find out...Does it Work?
Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
Time now for "Does It Work"
 These days, driving and talking on cell phones seems commonplace.
With so many hitting the road and the keypad, the push for safe cell phone use is on.in tonight's does it work segment, problem solver susan hogan takes a look at one product aimed at keeping you talking, and at the same time, both of your hands on the wheel.

Coffee Magic
For most coffee drinkers, any old cup will do. Others still, go for the fancy, frothy version. Now, a new product promises gourmet coffee at home, or on the road...at the touch of a button. Our consumer team put it to the test to find out...Does it Work?
Does It Work
Leak Ender 2000
It claims to be a miracle sealer. The Leak Ender 2000 promises to stop leaks immediately. The ad says it seals most surfaces, so who better than a plumber to try it out for us to find out....DOES IT WORK? It's
  Does It Work
Clever Cam
This clever cam is not the picture of perfection we were hoping for. This 3-in-one device takes digital stills, short videos and even acts as a web camera. We gave it to a woman who knows her way around
Does It Work
Pasta Pro
Bob Antignano has seen the "Pasta Pro" on television. "We always wondered if this would work, and here at Angelo's we cook a lot of pasta...so this is really important." Antignano serves up Angelo's
  Does It Work
The Pore Cleanzer
The ad claims it's the latest technology in clean skin care. It promises to take those unsightly pores and suck the dirt right out of them! We enlisted the help of a skin care specialist to find out,
Does It Work
The Perfect Pancake
Picture perfect pancakes everytime!? Alright, we'll see! Where else to try out the "Perfect Pancake" but at a diner that makes 75 pancakes a day! (rooster crows) It's time for breakfast at the Hope
  Does It Work
The Grip Wrench
The "Grip Wrench" claims it grips everything! From hard to turn shower heads, to jars, to stuck spigots, well..everything! The ad says, 'just grip, grab and go' But before you do, we wanted to know, "Does
Does It Work
The Ding King
You may have seen the ads for this "Ding King" on TV. It's called the 'secret tool body shops use', well, we didn't find any body shop that actually uses this thing. It claims it can save you hundreds
  Does It Work
The Handy Stitch Handheld Sewing Machine
The "handy stitch" has been the subject of several calls and emails to Call For Action. It claims to be as powerful as a big machine, even sews thru denim! So we wanted to know, Does it Work!? Kathy
Does It Work
Liquid Leather
Liquid Leather, like many of the products we've tested claims it can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs. So we went to a local professional to find out..Does it work!? Repairing auto upholstery
  Does It Work
Miracle Blade
The sales pitch for these Miracle Blade Knives sound something like this, 'look at these beautiful knives, two slicers, a chopping knife, four steak knives, 10 knives in all, for just $39.95. Sound's
Does It Work
The Truster
It's called the "Truster" and the ad claims it can detect whether you're lying by the tone of your voice, so Does it Work? "Did you go to the gym today? 'yes i did'." "Are you trying to outwit us?
  Does It Work
Revo Styler
Ok, you've asked us to test it, and we did. We received dozens of calls from viewers all curious about the Revo Styler. The ad claims that it can take your hair from frizzy to flat and flat to full. We
Does It Work
HD Vision Sunglasses
You've probably heard of H-D TV...High definition television gives you a clearer picture. These are HD Vision Sunglasses. They claim to give you better vision in the sun. The Question is: "Does it Work?" You
  Does It Work
Ego Cycle
You don't have to have an ego to scoot around in the Ego Cycle, but it sure helps to have one. This 150-pound electric bike claims to be the solution to your commuting problems. Easy to ride, easy to
Does It Work
Orange Cleaning System
These products not only claim to clean, but they claim to be safe for the environment. This week, the "Orange Clean Multi-Purpose Cleanser/Degreaser" and the "Orange Eliminator, Instant spot remover"
  Does It Work
The Moving Men
They're called "Moving Men". For $7.99 the TV ad claims you can glide your heavy furniture , couches, even loaded entertainment centers, 'like skis across snow'. Question is...Does it work?? Moving
Does It Work
The Salon Shaper
We all would love that salon manicured look without the salon price. So Call For Action saw the "Salon Shaper" on TV and just had to try it! It claims a professional manicure can be achieved in the comfort
  Does It Work
The Bagel Slicer
Bagels for breakfast, bagels for lunch, bagels are a trendy treat these days..but cutting them can be a dangerous task. Enter the Bagel Slicer and Spreader. This mom agreed to tr it out for us, and

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