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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  March 5, 2004
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Meat Thermometer
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What's for dinner? If it's pork, chicken, or beef...you could be at risk for e-coli or salmonella poisoning.  But if you cook your meats to the proper temperature, the chances of getting sick are nearly gone. 

We took the "Cuisine Degree" thermometer fork to Mill's Tavern in Providence.  Chef's here are preparing for tonight's menu by roasting two pigs.  They offered to try out our temperature fork.

Eric Houseknecht/Mills Tavern Sous-chef

"It looks like something good for the home..want togive it a try?"

Chef Eric Houseknecht says the right spot to insert the thermometer is always in the thickest parts of the meat.  Seconds later all six lights light up, and according to the thermometer's directions that means the meat is at the right temperature for pork and poultry...between 174 and 212 degrees.

But just to make sure it's accurate, this chef uses a standard dial meat thermometer to compare.

 Eric Houseknecht 

"So it was right...at 180 degrees...so that thing is right.

It's right, but this thermometer can't give you an exact temperature like a traditional dial thermometer.

 Eric Houseknecht 

"It's not very accurate because it gives you a (temperature) between a wide range, but it is an idea at the same time."

The thermometer fork only tells you if something is very rare, rare, medium...and on up.  Which for some cooks is not enough. Because it kind of leaves you guessing, is my meat sort of well done, or really well done...you'd never know.. So the "Cuisine Degree" thermometer fork gets a 9 out of 12.

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