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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  July 4, 2004
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"Twist a Braid"
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 Little girl's are begging their parents to get this product, called "Twist a Braid" They've seen it on TV and are convinced they've just got to have it, but does it really create stylish braids quick and easy? Or is there a 'twist' to this product, we wanted to know, Does it Work?

 When your a kid, if you're hair isn't cool...well, you're just not cutting it.

Lisa James, Kids Adventure Cuts

 "Ok Jenny hop up!"

At Kids Adventure Cuts they know what kids want, from toddlers to teens. This is the perfect place to test out one of the most popular products as seen on TV. Girls are asking for it...and parents are getting it...but before you spend $19.99....let's see if the hype surrounding Twist a Braid is all that it's cracked up to be.


"If you can hold this on here (Lisa holding handle of product) this to me already seems like too much work!

For something that seems easy enough, it really isn't. Once Lisa gets the hair in place and presses the button, right away Jenny's hair is tangled. We don't see any twisty braids...but we're determined to get this thing to work...so Lisa stands in, while her two sisters give it a whirl.


"The problem is you need a couple of hands."

 Well, if it took 3 hair stylists to figure out 1 product, that's not a good thing! The box shows three happy faces with stylish braids, but all we got were three unhappy faces with tangles. Even 7 year old Jenny, who had begged her mom to get it,  didn't want it now.  Even when I offered it to her, she still said 'no way!'.

  It took the hair stylists quite a few tries before figuring out how it's supposed to work, but even then, it made a very loose twist that didn't hold up. They give "Twist a Braid" a 3 out of 12.

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