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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  January 20, 2004
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Instant Marinade
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Craving for some teriyaki beef on the grill? How about lemon and garlic chicken? To get a really good flavor many marinades take up to four hours, some even overnight. But the "Instant Marinater" claims it can marinate in seconds, but "Does It Work?"

Move over bread and butter, bring on the real deal! At Providence Prime on Federal Hill you won't hear customers saying "where's the beef!"

Larry Solitro

"Believe me, when you're talking about meats, there's no one more familiar than me."

Executive Chef Larry Solitro started cutting beef on the Hill when he was a little boy, today, we've asked him to forget the rules when it comes to marinating.


"Personally we always recommend a couple of hours, but always better overnight."

Today, we want Larry to try out the "Instant Marinater" We want the flavor now without having to wait.


"Now, this contraption claims to be able to open pours so the marinade goes in."

Larry throws in a dash of this and a dash of that, his marinade is ready.


"Add our piece of chicken, rub it in.."

Then you simply pump out the air in the "Instant Marinater" container, and within seconds it's done. For the real test, Larry cooks up another piece of chicken that has been marinating overnight. After a couple of bites of each, I thought I figured out which was the piece marinated overnight. But I had it all wrong. In fact, I chose the "Instant Marinater" chicken for having the best flavor. It even surprised the pickiest of palettes.


"To actually stand up to overnight marinade is pretty good!"

And you should bget the same results if you use beef. Larry wasn't convinced the marinade got deep into the chicken as it did with the piece that marinated overnight. Nevertheless, the taste test was pretty close. So he gives the "Instant Marinater" and 11 out of 12.

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