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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  January 19, 2004
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Liquid Scratch Removers
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 You asked us, we tested them. Liquid scratch repair products, like "Fast Scratch Repair". When we purchased this, we found two other products with similar, promising claims...so we decided to test all three to find out  Does it Work?

Ever feel like your car just went through this! The way people drive these days..it's no wonder why scratches-dings and dents just seen to appear

Gerry Degasparre

"I opened this package and tried a little bit of it..."

Gerry Degasparre at Custom Auto Body is the guy to go for when your car needs some TLC


Oh! Now Gary is in the business of fixing scratches..not making them..but in the interest of product testing you got to do what you got to do! First up, fast scratch repair. Gerry spreads the compound in the scratch


"It's really a big ordeal..."

Big ordeal because the follow up requires sanding, priming, spray-painting, buffing and waxing- supplies and know-how the average car owner doesn't have.


"It does what I guess it's designed to do, but there's a lot of follow-up work that the person can't do at home."

Next up...  Prep and Finishing Kit Gerry preps the scratch according to directions and begins to fill it in...


 "You want to stay in the scratch - not overlap too much."

Once it's filled in and dry, Gerry says you may need several coats before it's ready to paint.


"Then you would have to buy the touch-up color of this door, do the same thing."

Again, this kit fills the scratch, but paint isn't included...


 "You're always going to know that scratch is there."

Our final product is a Turtle Wax Color Stick and Liquid Polish. Gerry uses the wax to fill-in the scratch. Then polishes the area with the liquid color.


"Up close it looks a little better - as you stand back I think it will look a lot better than just a normal scratch."

 Even though it's only temporary, Gerry likes this turtle wax product the best. It covers the scratches fairly well, and there's no chance of you doing any permanent damage to your car.  He gives the 

Turtle Wax's "Color Cure" a 9 out of 12.

Dupli-Color Prep and Finishing Kit gets a 7.

Fast Scratch Repair by Car Groom gets a 1, based on the fact that it does not come with any supplies to fully finish the job.

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