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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  January 19, 2004
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Bug Off!
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You've seen the gimmicks, from flashy citronella bracelets for kids to tiny remote battery operated mosquito repellants for the backyard. But are these gadgets the answer to scratching out those pests? We put them to the test to find out...Does it Work?

 It's high season for mosquitoes..and it's high time for them to bug off!

Amy Bergeron, Cumberland Mom

"You have to protect your children."

 In this bug infested yard in Cumberland


"There's a brook..."

And a pool, breeding grounds for mosquitoes that's why Amy Bergeron and her kids, TJ and Keaton were anxious to try out the latest products in bug repellents, the Bite Shield and Bug Off Wrist Bands.

Call for Action dropped off the goods so the Bergeron's could try them out over the weekend. Today..the results!


"These worked well because they were just bracelets, they smelled just like citronella candles."

 Not too mention super cool colors for kids..but did they work?


"They really liked them and no one got mosquitoe bites last night."

 The battery operated Bite Shield claims to cover up to 1000 square feet...


"The whole deck area was pretty covered, and the whole family was bite free!"

But it was the bracelets that Amy liked the best.


"I was very confident with them, with the bracelets and no bug spray...I didn't feel the need to double up."

 The Bergeron's remained bug free all weekend and I have to say, Amy was very pleased...a little surprised. She rates both products a 9 out of 12.

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Bug Off!

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