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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  March 5, 2004
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"Intuition" Razor
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The Intuition razor is on the cutting edge of shaving equipment with its water-only promise. According to the packaging, there's no need for shaving gel, cream or even soap!! Sounds fabulous, but as always, we wanted to know, does it work?

Your own intuition will tell you that as the mother of a toddler, Karen Leopold barely has time for herself.

Karen Leopold/Product Tester "I don't have time to spend 15 minutes shaving. It's gotta be in the shower, five minutes tops."

Karen e-mailed "Call For Action" with an idea for "Does It Work" She wanted to know if Schick's "Intuition" razor has an edge over the others.

Karen Leopold "I just like the idea you don't have to use shaving cream or soap or anything like that. It'll be a one-step process."

Karen agreed to test this razor out. A quick read of the directions...and Karen gives it a go.

Karen Leopold "Wet shaver to activate skin conditioning solid, keeping both skin and razor wet as you shave. Actually, it's pretty smooth. I don't feel like I'm knicking myself at all."

This twice-a-week shaver is impressed. Karen says she would definitely buy and recommend the intuition....even though she hits a bit of a snag.

Karen Leopold "I don't have sensitive skin, but it feels almost like razor burn on leg skin right now."

A red patch and stinging does quickly go away and Karen moves on to her other leg.

Karen Leopold "A quick rinse and I'm done. Ta-da! That's easy, convenient."

For eight dollars, the Intuition also comes in a sensitive skin formula, which may have been better for Karen. She gives the Intuition an eight out of 12.

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