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 July 21, 2003
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Does it Work? The "Simplique" Hair Remover
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The "Simplique" is the size of a pen, easily stored in your car or purse. It promises to painlessly remove unwanted hair.

Dannika Joseph is a master esthetician about to graduate from Arthur Angelo in Providence. She agreed to try out "Simplique" on a fellow student. She quickly reads the directions aloud, "It says you can use it on your eyebrows, bikini area, neckline, knees and more!"

Dannika decides Tasha's eyebrows are the perfect place to start. She turns on the pen-sized trimmer, "Okay, does it hurt?" Not a bit. So it is painless, as it claims. But almost immediately, Dannika is disappointed with "Simplique's" performance. She says, "If you look where I did it, you can still see the stubble."

Dannika decides to give it a whirl on her arms...an area she normally waxes. Here too, this little tool fails to eliminate the hair as it promises. "It's cutting the hair, it's not pulling it out," remarks Dannika. "Without a trace it says...you definitely do see a trace of it."

We weren't quite ready to give up. So we asked another student, Erin L'Heureux to give it a whirl. She worries about an inexperienced person using it incorrectly and causing damage. "I think with one move you could slice off some hair you don't want to get rid of."

So in the end, what do these women think of "Simplique?" Does it get straight "A's?" Not quite, says Dannika, "I would say if it's something quick, you can't get to the salon, yeah do it. But it definitely doesn't replace the salon service."

So, while it was painless, it certainly did not remove the hair "without" a trace as it claims it would. Our beauty experts rate Simplique a five out of 12.

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