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 July 22, 2003
House & Home
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Does it Work? The "CD Clinic"
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It's frustrating for kids of all ages. You're playing a video game, relaxing with a movie, or listening to your favorite music in the car and suddenly...silence.

Russ Beaudette deals with dented dvd's on a regular basis. He owns the Blockbuster Video in Seekonk.

Russ Beaudette/Blockbuster Video "A lot of the ones we get are the games that the kids just throw around."

Each day, Russ and his team take scratched games and movies from the shelves for repair. This expert says most of the time fingerprints and small surface scratches won't affect your sound or picture.

Russ Beaudette "If it's deep enough, it'll freeze up on your screen usually."

For tougher scratches, this expert relies on a commercial machine for repair. One that will actually sand the surface of the disk, removing scratches for good. One look at our "CD Clinic" and Russ is skeptical.

Russ Beaudette "My guess is we're not going to take any scratches out."

But Russ is willing to give our machine a chance. First, he shows us a dented "Stuart Little" video. The scratch is so big, that this movie freezes at the climax...Stuart's plane suspended in mid-air. Will a run through our machine solve the problem?

Stuart is back in the air...and down he comes...oh, no, frozen again. Our "CD Clinic" left Stuart hanging. Russ even tried it on a few other videos, just to be sure. But time and again, the scratches remained. His final conclusion:

Russ Beaudette "It'll take your fingerprints off." "No, I wouldn't consider it a solution for scratches."

So the "CD Clinic" doesn't remove scratches, but it does work on fingerprints. Russ believes it would work on food spills as well. So, on Russ's recommendation we give the "CD Clinic" a three out of twelve.

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