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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  November 10, 2003
LIFESTYLE:  Holiday Helper | House & Home | Money | Pets | Recipes | Relationships | Travel | Weddings
Bungee Yo-Yo Warning!
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Special Report Video

They're called water yo-yo's, gel balls, bungee yo-yo's..whatever you call them...they're dangerous. We became alarmed about these toys, after three consumers contacted Call for Action within the past few days. One phone call really got our attention..a mother nearly lost her child two weeks ago when this toy wrapped around her neck and wouldn't let go.

Denise Bora, Makayla's Mom

"She came in and said, 'get it off get it off get it off!'"

 An innocent looking toy  nearly caused 9 year old Makayla Bora to choke to death.

Makayla Bora

"I tried to get it around here (waist), but it went up and around my neck."

 Wrapped so tightly around her neck, Makayla stopped breathing.


"It hurt so bad and I couldn't breath, I thought i was going to pass out."

Her mother tried with all her strength to break it..


"I was trying to get my fingers up there to get her air, because  her face was beat red."

 But the cord was so tight Denise couldn't do it.


"I had a hard time getting scissors up there to cut it off." 

 Finally she cut it free... Makayla was taken to the Pawtucket Health Care Center where doctors were horrified to see the injuries this toy caused.

Dr. Karl Felber

"Actually so much compression that she popped blood vessels above her eyes"

 Stores nationwide are selling these toys for $1.50..sold in unmarked packages, with no warning labels, and no company to call, so consumers are contacting Call for Action.


"To try to get it off the market!"

Call for Action did contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission and they are launching an immediate investigation which could lead to a nationwide recall. . But the strangulation issue with these toys is just the beginning, there's more. Coming up at six will show you another danger this toy poses, you'll have to see the video to believe it.

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