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 September 27, 2003
House & Home
Yellow Pages
Fairbanks Capital
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 We're talking about Fairbanks Capital, a mortgage servicer that is now facing a federal investigation.  Thousands of homeowners nationwide claim the company has cheated them out of money, and their homes.  One of those homeowners called for action.

Carol McIntyre, Consumer 

"Everyone wants a home, it's the American dream and it looks like it's not going to work for us."

 Carol and John McIntyre's dream of living in Rehoboth, in their pretty little Cape, may be crashing in on them


"I can't believe it got to this..."

Fairbanks handles mortgages for people with less than-perfect credit, but lately it's come under fire and accused of excessive over-charging and foreclosing on homes when the homeowners have proof of payments.


"I ended up having to claim bankruptcy.. "

The McIntyre's admit that they did miss a few mortgage payments, but instead of working with the couple, they claim Fairbanks turned their backs and sent their lawyers after them with even more fees.


"75 dollars here, 50 dollars there, just for the pay off fee.10 dollars for a fax.."

 Even when the McIntyre's sent in their mortgage payments by Western Union, they said Fairbanks would claim they never received the money even though they  (homeowners) have proof.  On top of that, Fairbanks charged the McIntyre's hundreds of dollars for home owners insurance, even though their insurance company repeatedly contacted Fairbanks by fax telling them they were already insured.

Christopher Lefebvre, Consumer Attorney

"It's really outrageous..."

Consumer Attorney Christopher Lefebvre has received a number of calls against Fairbanks Capital..he says what's happening to the McIntyre's is typical.


"They're unsympathetic about unemployment or change of circumstances, and they would much rather take someone's home rather than work with them to save their home."

  Now, just days away from losing their home..this couple is fighting back by hanging flyers up around town warning other consumers about Fairbanks.


"This is like stealing the American dream from us."

Call for action has contacted Fairbanks Capital.We were told that the company is currently undergoing a complete overhaul of procedures, as well as a review of all managers who may have contributed to the problems at Fairbanks Capital. If you are a customer with Fairbanks and are experiencing problems, Call for Action wants to hear from you. Contact us at eyewitnessnewstv.com and click on Call for Action.

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