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 June 17, 2003
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Deadly Dog Food
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We discovered government records that show deadly dog food. A deadly chemical is being found in popular brands of dog food.
The chemical is used to put dogs and cats to sleep, but some people want to know why it's showing up in dog food. Eyewitness News Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us with her investigation.
It's not listed in the ingredients, but there is something in pet food that might be making your dog sick.
The F.D.A. is investigating dog food after finding traces of the drug used to euthanize dogs and cats.
Like our children, we would never knowingly feed our dogs something that could make them sick...but dog owners donÔŅĹt know is the food the feed their dogs may be slowly killing them.
Call For Action found government documents that listed 41 popular brands of dog food that contain a deadly drug
called Pentobarbital, the same drug used to euthanize dogs and cats.
Some of the popular brands include Gravy Train, Kibble and Bits Puppy Food, Beef Bits, and Kibble and Bits Lean, Nutru, and the list goes on and on..
And if that's not disturbing enough, we have even more alarming news..it's how Pentobarbital may have ended up in dog food in the first place.
A Call For Action investigation found documents from the F.D.A. that suggests after animals are put down, their carcasses are sent to meet processing plants and then sold to dog food makers.
Veteraniarian Dan Simpson says he's heard about this being done..but in this F.D.A. study it did not find traces of DNA from dogs or cats in the dog food, and suggest it may have come from euthanized cattle or even horses.
We ought to be a bitconcerned, although this news is shocking to dog owners, veteranians say it's unlikely that your dog will suffer any fatal effects. But, he definately suggests changing your dog's food if it contains this dangerous drug.
Dan Simpson, veterinarian says the number 1 thing is to work with your Veterinarian as a team and decide what to feed your dog, that is really the best way to go.
Our investigation also reveals that the F.D.A. started studying the presence of this drug in dog food after veterinarians noticed animals seemed to be building a resistance to Pentobarbitol.
Pet food companies deny that Pentobarbitol in the food is a problem, but admit that no one really knows precisely where it is coming from.
To find out if the dog food your pet eats is on the F.D.A. list,
click here to download the list.
Susan Hogan, Eyewitness News.

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