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Household Dilemma of the Month: March
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Can you help us to solve this fellow viewers household dilemma?

If you have suggestions, please reply below. We'll pick a select number of replies to post and one of them may be yours!

This month's dilemma: How do you remove mustard stains? Asked by Mary from TN.


Use each of the cleaning mixtures listed below, in order, on the stained area until the stain is removed. Apply small amounts of the cleaning solution with a clean, white, absorbent towel. Continue to apply and blot frequently until the staining material is no longer transferred to the towel.

MIXTURE 1: Mix one-half teaspoon of white neutral detergent (a mild dishwashing dish washing detergent containing no strong alkalis or bleaches), with a cup of lukewarm water.

MIXTURE 2: Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with two-thirds cup of water.

MIXTURE 3: Mix a solution of powdered enzyme laundry detergent following the label or box instructions. Allow the solution to remain on the stain for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer.

The final step is to blot any remaining moisture or cleaning solutions by pressing or padding the area with absorbent towel. Weight it down and allow at least six hours to dry.  - Mary Jo, OH

Glycerin is good for getting mustard as well as ketchup stains off clothing. - Lisa, NY

Pour rubbing alcohol over the stain before washing. Then wash as usual. - Jessica, TN

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How do you remove mustard stains?
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