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 May 12, 2005
Infertility Testing
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A couple is said to be infertile if pregnancy does not result after one year of normal sexual activity without contraceptives.


About 25 percent of couples experience infertility at some point in their lives. The incidence of infertility increases with age. The male partner contributes to about 40 percent of cases of infertility. A combination of factors is common. Factors to consider, in consultation with your physician:

  • Adequate sperm production and semen delivery (impaired for 40 percent of couples who seek fertility evaluation)
  • Regularly occurring ovulation (impaired for 20 percent)
  • A functional pathway through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes and a uterine environment able to sustain embryo implantation and growth (impaired for 30 percent)
  • Intercourse frequency and timing that allows an opportunity for conception (impaired for many couples, percentage unknown)
  • Cervical mucus that is adequate in amount and composition (impaired for less than 5 percent)
  • Adequate progesterone production during the luteal phase (the 14 days after ovulation) of each cycle (impaired for less than 5 percent)
  • Reproductive tracts for both partners that are free of infection or immunologic problems, and are supported by normal overall nutritional and health status (impaired in less than 5 percent).


What is causing the infertility? What tests will you be recommending? Are the tests painful? What type of treatment options do you recommend in this case? How effective is this treatment? If a low sperm count is detected, what type of treatment will you be recommending? How long will he have to be on this treatment? Are there any treatment side-effects?

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