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 May 14, 2005
Water Yo Yo Toy Follow Up!!
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Since our report, Call for Action has learned that ther've been even more complaints and more injuries caused by the Water Yo-Yo.  Regardless, the Consumer Product Safety Commission refuses to recall it. Tonight, another story about another child who was almost strangled.

From Rhode island

Denise Bora, Pawtucket

"She kept saying, 'get it off, get it off!"

To Illinois, parents are urging a ban on a toy they feel is extremely dangerous..it's the water yo yo.

Makayla Bora, Injured by Water Yo-Yo

"I was playing with it and I was trying to swing it around my waist, but it went up and around my neck."

A few months ago, Makayla's mother contacted Call for Action after her daughter was nearly strangled by the toy. It wrapped so tightly around her neck, even the emergency room doctor was startled!

Dr. Karl Felber, Pawtucket Health Care

"Her injuries included bruises around her neck, and she had broken blood vessels in her eyes."

 We reported her case to the Consumer Product Safety Commission which launched an immediate investigation.  Since our report, there've been 186 reports of incidents where the Water Yo-Yo wrapped itself around a child's neck.   And now, the latest case, an Illinois 6 year old almost strangled while playing with the ball. His mother is appealing to the state capitol urging a ban on the toy. She's asking state lawmakers to approve a resolution asking the federal government to ban them. But finding the manufacturers isn't going to be easy.

Lisa Lipin, Concerned Parent

"Because, all it says in that bag is 'made in china' so the consumer, as I did once for my son, and you buy this, who am I going to call?"

The Consumer Product Safety Commission tells Call for Action that they are continuing to collect complaints, but still, they don't feel a recall is necessary. In their words, the complaints haven't risen to a level for regulatory action. And the injuries don't pose a lasting effect. That explanation does not sit well with many parents. And since our exclusive investigation other states are looking into banning the water yo-yo's...in fact, in our area several schools forbid them on their property. To know more about the water yo yo's and how you can file a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission,  here is a link to their website. www.cpsc.gov

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