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 May 14, 2005
Dell Problems
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Time now for Eyewitness News Call for Action. You spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new computer, and then it doesn't work. So you contact tech support! But what happens when that "support" is anything but helpful? You Call for Action. Problem Solver Susan Hogan joins us now with more. Our Call for Action center has received many complaints against Dell computers. Often times hearing the same gripe, 'my computer is brand new and it crashes all the time.' And tech support? What tech support?

 Rebecca Jordan was just about to begin junior high, her mom thought it would be the perfect time to invest in a computer.

Marilyn Jordan, Dell Customer

"My daughter was going into the 7th grade, we thought we should get a computer to go online for junior high work....but it didn't happen."

They bought a Dell computer in September of 2001. Six months later, it didn't work.


"Then it would crash, and then we would have a hard time with it, freeze, or shut down."

 Kim Bouchard, Dell Customer

"I purchased a Dell Computer and we've had continuous ongoing problems..."

 Kim Bouchard bought her Dell a year ago and even with 2-3 calls to tech support a month it was still broken!


"I was very frustrated because of the amount of time spent on the phone trying to get thru to customer service."

 Both problems are similar to the hundreds of complaints Call for Action found on the web nationwide. Broken computers and broken communications with tech support.


 "Once you do get through, they're not helpful enough to get you going."

 Marilyn got so frustrated with her Dell, she stopped sending in her monthly payments...now it's gone to collections.


"I said, why am I paying for something that doesn't work it doesn't make sense!"

 Kim Bouchard did get Dell to send her a computer, but it was a refurbished one that came without a warranty.


"I think their promises to consumers are not accurate!"

Call for Action contacted Dell. They admitted that they have seen some issues in terms of service and support and agree there is room for improvement. Dell also promised to contact each of our viewers and try to resolve their complaints. For Marilyn's daughter, it's too little too late.


"She has to go to the library to use the computer and printer at 15 cents a page when I have one sitting here at home idle."

Marilyn did receive a call from Dell today. They promised her that tonight a computer consultant will call her personally to try to figure out the problem once and for all. In response to our report and complaints nationwide, Dell says it is currently working on improving customer service to provide better tech support. If you have a problem you need help solving contact our call for action center Monday thru Thursday from 11 until 1...228-1850.

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