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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  February 29, 2004
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Dating Dos and Don'ts
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1. Be on time. DonÔŅĹt you dare worry about appearing too eager if youÔŅĹre the first one there. And fashionably late only applies to parties. Concentrate on being polite, considerate and respectful during this first date.

2. Wear what you said youÔŅĹd wear. DonÔŅĹt fib so you can have the advantage of seeing your date without being seen; itÔŅĹs cowardly and rude. If youÔŅĹre a clotheshorse, donÔŅĹt choose a ÔŅĹbetterÔŅĹ outfit at the last minute. All the outfits in the world wonÔŅĹt change who you are.

3. Ask questions. IÔŅĹm not talking about an interrogation, but everyone is flattered when asked about their interests. Ask leading questions and listen attentively; there may be a test later.

4. Answer questions. Let your personality shine through with your responses, and remember that optimism is more attractive than pessimism. Stay positive.


1. DonÔŅĹt be selfish. A monologue is not a conversation. If you do all the talking, your date will be bored. YouÔŅĹll bore your date if you donÔŅĹt talk enough too. Your goal should be to create a fairly balanced exchange.

2. DonÔŅĹt order messy foods. Some of us canÔŅĹt help ourselves when faced with spaghetti sauce, melted butter or blueberry pie. A food stain on yourself may be ÔŅĹcharming,ÔŅĹ but splattering your date with food is a definite dating donÔŅĹt.

3. DonÔŅĹt be rude if you decide your date is a dud. Unless you want to rack up some bad dating karma, be honest but gentle. ÔŅĹI donÔŅĹt think weÔŅĹre as compatible as I thought,ÔŅĹ should suffice. DonÔŅĹt say youÔŅĹll call if you know you wonÔŅĹt.

4. DonÔŅĹt play coy. If youÔŅĹre interested, say so ÔŅĹ even at the risk of rejection. No guts, no glory.

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