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 May 14, 2005
Cell Phone Battery Boosters
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How many times have you complained about your cell phone battery dying too soon, and too often?  Now new battery boosters are hitting the market, promising to give you the juice you need. It's happened to all of us at one time or another; you pick up your cell phone to make a call and no power.


Danielle Englebardt, Real Estate Agent:


"It�s extremely frustrating when my cell phone battery dies because I feel like I'm so out of touch!"


And with no outlet to re-charge, you're out of luck...well, as Call For Action learned...not anymore.


Stephen Jacobs, Rochester Institute of Technology:


�Companies are looking for lots of different ways to help extend your battery life, or let you recharge the power of your cell phone on the fly.�


On the market now, three products that promise to boost your juice, The Instant Power Charger, The Sidewinder, and The Cellboost.  The Cellboost is a disposable device that plugs right into your phone, giving you an extra hour of talk time the instant your battery dies.


Todd Ruhalter, President Compact Power Systems:


�It fits in your pocket, your briefcase, your glove compartment.  It has no cords, it has no maintenance required.�


The Zinc Air Instant Power Charger is activated when you open the package and the blue colored Sidewinder has a hand crank you simply turn.


Bret Heidkamp, innovative solutions & technologies:


"You�re actually powering your cell phone directly.  Two minutes of winding usually gives you about five or six minutes of talk time."


The devices look cool, but will they help our cell phone users in a crunch?  Our volunteers let their batteries die, so we could find out.




�I was shocked that The Cellboost worked and I was amazed how quickly my cell phone was charged, I could use it instantly.�


Both The Cellboost and The Instant Power Charger worked wonders, as for the sidewinder, although the company claims Danielle�s cell phone is compatible, it didn't work.


Danielle, Volunteer:


�My battery is still dead.�


But it did work on another make and model.  Overall, our testers were very pleased.


As a result of our test, the president of the company that makes The Sidewinder tells us they're taking the Motorola T730 off their website.  The company also says they do guarantee customer satisfaction and if this were to happen, they would issue a full refund.



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