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 March 22, 2005
Eyewitness News RSS Feeds and free Weather Stickers
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What is RSS?

RSS is the name given to a simple and well-established XML format used to syndicate headlines. Eyewitness News creates RSS files that allow you to read our headlines in stand-alone desktop programs. Never miss an important headline!

What are Weather Stickers?

Our Weather Stickers are free lines of code that you can use on your website. Now you can give the people visiting your site the weather information they need. The Pinpoint Weather Stamp can easily be inserted into your web page and updates automatically. Click here for the free code.

How do I read RSS Feeds?

If you want to collect and browse our feeds you have many choices, but there are two primary categories of feed reading applications: installable desktop programs and online services. There are many desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS system users. If you already have an RSS Reader, simply copy the links below into your program. If you need an RSS Reader, there are several to chose from below.

Eyewitness News: Front Page News: 


Eyewitness News: Local News: 


Eyewitness News: Sports:


Eyewitness News Investigators:



RSS Programs


  • NEWAmphetadesk is a PERL feed reader for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. At 0xDECAFBAD: Amphetadesk Outliner. At cantoni.org: Amphetadesk Enhancements including AmphetaMailer, FTPstore to use an FTP server location to store and retrieve the channel list and others.
  • HotSheet is a JAVA 2 solution for Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, Linux and other platforms runing the Java VM
  • Reptile is a Peer-to-Peer "Syndicated Content Directory Server" that might also serve as a feed reader. JRE required, includes an embedded Tomcat server. Reptile is a project of the OpenPrivacy Initiative and seems to be closely related to Newsmonster. Though the latest release is one year old, latest nightlies are just a few days old.
  • RSS Viewer "is a Java-based ticker application [that has] a browser-like view and a simple ticker-view."
  • The Python Desktop Server is a open source counterpart to Radio Userland: "[It] is a combined Weblog authoring tool, XMLRPC/SOAP server, and news aggregator." Detailed description at the project website.
  • For Java- and Python-based RSS to NNTP and RSS to E-Mail converters, see Converters section

Cross-Platform, as Mozilla extension


  • Aggie - "a desktop application that downloads the latest news and displays it in a webpage" - .NET Runtime required
  • Awasu - combined feed reader and scraper
  • BottomFeeder - see other OS section
  • EffNews
  • FeedReader - now under GPL
  • FM RadioStation is an alternative user interface for the Windows version of Radio Userland. It integrates the news aggregator, the Radio publisher and a tabbed browser into a single application
  • Headline Viewer
  • InfoSnorkel - commercial solution that aggregates feeds into customized web pages
  • Net News is a tiny aggregator from France
  • NewzCrawler - commerical solution; reads from XML/RSS, Usenet and the Web; tree view of subscribed feeds; supports various blogging APIs to allow postings right from the aggregator; can use both IE and Mozilla as embedded browser
  • NEWNewsGator - plugin for Outlook 2000/2002. Details at Greg Reinacker's Weblog. In current version 1.1 has xhtml:body support and timeline view filtering out read items (screenshot)
  • NewsHoard
  • NewsRoom - integrates into Internet Explorer as an Explorer Bar (just like Favourites and History) and displays feeds as a web page
  • Novobot Smart Headline Viewer - commercial solution with ticker mode
  • NEW Radio Userland - commercial feed reading/blogging tool. Also see FM RadioStation. Mac OS version available. Stapler and Kit are Radio extensions and tools by Mark Paschal.
  • RDF-Ticker - RSS/RDS news-ticker for Windows "is a newsticker application which fetches news from RDF/RSS-feeds and displays them on a ticker-bar" that docks to the taskbar
  • SNARF! - The Simple News Aggregator for RSS Feeds lives in the Internet Explorer sidebar. Its beauty lies in its simplicity: everything lives on the tatochip.com server and nothing has to be installed on the local system.
  • Spaces is a highly interesting PIM including a feed reader
  • Trillian Pro News Plugin - 0.9x feeds only
  • WTicker downloads feeds and displays the headlines in a ticker windows. Looks like as if it can also be used for stock quotes and for incoming mail notifications.

Windows, .NET runtime required

  • Beaver - another new three-pane reader
  • Composite - just 60 k
  • FeedExpress
  • RSS Bandit is well hidden somewhere in the MSDN Library
  • NEWLuke Hutteman's Sharpreader "handles all RSS versions, modules like dublin core, content:encoding, xhtml:body, etc., allows you to group your subscribed feeds in categories, set feed-refresh per feed or per category, reduces bandwidth by using HTTP Conditional GETs, supports RSS Auto-discovery and features error-correction of some common rss-feed errors (unescaped ampersands, illegal characters, unknown entities)"
  • Syndirella
  • Wildgrape NewsDesk - Sam Ruby: "I was also intrigued by the way it handled invalid feeds. It colored the icon in red, provided information on what was wrong with the feed, and provided a link to the RSS validator. Way cool!"

Windows Pocket PC

  • PocketFeed "is an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on the Pocket PC 2002 PDA's. Using OPML for it's blogroll, you can now take your news, blog entries, or any other type of syndicated data with you, sync it wirelessly or read it offline."


  • BottomFeeder - see Multi-OS section
  • Straw - GNOME feed reader
  • There must be for more Linux, but I haven't checked that yet

Apple Mac OS

Apple iPod

  • MyPod - requires a Mac computer

Apple Newton

  • Raissa "is an RSS headlines and news reader for the Newton MessagePad running NewtonOS 2.0 and higher. It should read RSS 0.91 and 1.0 sources but is currently not namespace aware."

Palm OS

Other OS

  • BottomFeeder is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS 8, 9, X, HP-UX 10, 11, SGI, AIX, Solaris und Alpa Unix. Phew.
  • Friday for mobile phones with J2ME JVM support, limited to Syndic8


Converters: RSS to NNTP (Newsgroups)

  • nntp//rss - Java bridge between RSS feeds and NNTP clients: read your feeds in your news client (like Mozilla Mail/News) and allows for posting to your blog from your newsreader. For Windows: Running nntp//rss as a Windows Service using JNT, a Windows Service wrapper for Java applications
  • Genecast News Service is a commerical RSS to Usenet News converter - delivering the same results that open source nntp//rss does

Converters: RSS to E-Mail

  • NEWAmphetaMailer "sends [aggregation] results out via e-mail and keeps track of items already sent so that you only see them once." It seems to create HTML e-mails.
  • NEWAaron's RSS to Email Aggregator - based on Mark Pilgrim's Ultra Liberal RSS Parser and Aaron Swartz's html2text converter (Python)
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