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 July 23, 2003
House & Home
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iMow Robotic Lawn Mower
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 Instead of laboring in your yard, mowing the lawn, relax! Pull up a lounge chair, read a book, and let someone else..or should I say something else mow your lawn for you.   It's Toro's cute little robotic mower called "i-Mow" but Does it Work?

Last week we tested "Roomba" the first robotic vacuum.. This week, meet it's cousin..i'Mow!

John Greaves-Does It Work "Tester"

"We call it Henry!"

Ok, Henry it is! Tell me, what does it do? 


 "It mows the lawn."

 I had to see this one for myself.


"Just hit the green button twice, and then it's off!"

John Greaves emailed Call for Action and said we just had to test Toro's "i-Mow" ..sorry
'Henry'.  He believes it's one of the greatest inventions known to man!  Now I see why John likes it so much!


"I don't like to mow my lawn, I'm not one of those guys who likes yard work! I hate it!

John just let's it loose and he swears it even mows in straight lines..but how does it stay in his yard?


"There's a wire, a perimeter wire like an invisible fence for your dog."

And what i'Mow can't get, John gets..not by hand... It has a remote control also... Of course it does.

So I saw it with my own eyes, and yes, i'Mow does cut the grass..in fact it mulches the grass so you don't even have to pick up after it. . But even John admits, it's not practical if you have a yard with a lot of obstacles like trees, or hills...and the price..$500. We give the Toro i'Mow a 7 out of 12.


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