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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  August 2, 2004
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Lollipop diet
Sounds perfect- dropping pounds by eating candy. More and more people say it's no joke- but, rather the new way to lick weight problems� literally! All it takes: some special lollipops. Is the promise too good to be true�or a dream come true?
Free Diabetic Foot Screenings
It's summer time and that means open-toed shoes and flip-flops... It's also a good time for diabetics in rhode island to take a closer look at their feet.
Catching Osteoporosis Early
Most women are familiar with osteoporosis, but according to a recent Rhode Island Department of Health survey, a good number of people are not doing much about it. Eyewitness News reporter Audrey Desrosiers has more.
New Comprehensive Cancer Center at R.I. Hospital
You hear the word cancer.  That can be the first step on a whilrwhind journey involving doctors, oncologists, radiologists and so on. It's overwhelming, but Rhode Island Hospital is working to help cancer patients get through it all, with its brand new, state of the art Comprehensive Cancer Center.
New Cardiac Fitness Center at Miriam
It's a sad fact but chances are, if a person suffers a heart attack, they'll have another one if they don't drastically change their lifestyle. That's why one local hospital has upped the ante to cardiac rehabilitation with a new, state of the art facility that's getting Rhode Islanders moving and moving ahead with their lives.
Lyme Disease: A Hidden Disease
When we think of Lyme disease we think of a tick bite, with the familiar bulls-eye rash, joint pain and so on. But did you know that less than half of people with Lyme disease never even know they've been bitten by a tick? That's why one local woman and a local psychiatrist are talking about their experiences with Lyme disease.
Acupuncture For Allergies
We're at the height of allergy season and if you're a chronic sufferer it can seem like there's no end in sight. But what if you could put a stop to the sneezing and wheezing with the aid of acupuncture?Some local experts say it could be just the medicine you need.
Local School Helps Raise Money For Tomorrow Fund
The Tomorrow Fund is the only organization in Rhode Island that provides daily emotional and financial support to children with cancer and their families. It survives on donations from big corporations and from Rhode Islanders who just want to help. In one recent case, a little school in Cranston came through in a big way in the name of a young cancer patient they never got to meet.
New MRI At R.I. Hospital Gives Beating Heart Pictures
New technology at Rhode Island Hospital is being used to diagnose and treat heart patients and it's providing some really moving pictures in the process. Eyewitness News health reporter Audrey Desrosiers has more...
Virtual Job Shadow Helps Students Discover Dental Field
Many of us don't look forward to going to the dentist, but what would we do if there no dentists to go to?   I's a problem that could become a reality as the number of Rode Island dentists continues to shrink. The good news?  That means there's quite a few job openings for those who may want to make fixing your teeth teeth their career.
Newest Wrinkle Filler Now On The Market
If you feel like your skin could be a little tighter, maybe you're noticing a few wrinkles starting to show, there's a new option for you out there. It's a wrinkle filler that Europeans have been using for a decade and it's now smoothing skin around the U.S. now right here in Rhode Island.
DDS System Helps People Lose Weight
Are you one of those people who some might consider a "fast eater"? -- a food lover who can't wait to scrape their plate? Well, chances are your fast eating could be speeding up your weight gain. Even more surprising, the help you need could be at your dentist's office.
Alcoholism & Women
Alcoholism... It's a problem that affects millions of Americans. Often times women are overlooked when it comes to this disease, but alcoholism has no gender rules. That's why one local program is devoted to helping women overcome this devastating problem.
Rx For Rhode Island
A new program was announced today that could help thousands of Rhode Islanders who can't afford prescription drugs get the help they need.
Teens And Drinking
It's no secret that underage drinking is a big problem.  Alcohol contributes to an estimated 1,400  college student deaths each year. Local experts say part of the problem is that most parents tend to teach their kids about the dangers of drinking after it's too late.
Yoga For Depression
If you or someone you know suffer from depression there are several options out there for treatment, including certain medications. But one possible effective method is not as obvious...yoga.
Turning Thoughts Into Action
Imagine being able to use your own thoughts to turn off the lights or flip the channel on your TV set.  It sounds like something out of science fiction, right?  Now researchers right here in Southern New England are turning "science fiction" into reality, all in the hope that it will someday help those who have been paralyzed. It's called the BrainGate System.
"Counting Carbs" Discussion
"Counting Carbs" Discussion Memorial Hospital Tuesday, April 13th 7pm To register call: 729-2459
Mom To Mom Program
When you have a new addition to your family, often the focus is on the needs of the new baby, but it's easy to forget that sometimes the mother may need some nurturing too. A new program offered through Women and Infants Hospital is trying to change that.
Brain Surgery Documentary
Some people with Parkinson's Disease may benefit from brain surgery that sends electrical impulses to stop uncontrollable tremors. One man was so excited about the prospect that he had his surgery video taped and stayed awake through the whole thing.
Ali's Challenge
This week, researchers announced childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions. A new report says over the last two decades, the percentage of obese teens has doubled. One local program is trying to combat this epidemic by offering a challenge in the name of a Rhode Island teenager.
Robot Therapy
When we think of robots we may see visions of futuristic characters programmed to obey our every whim.  In fact, robotic devices are now acting as physical therapists right here in Rhode Island.
Ovarian Cancer Study
About 16,000 women will die from ovarian cancer this year alone. And it ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women. The problem lies in the lack of accurate screening tests to catch the cancer in its earliest
Custom Breast Prosthesis Provides Custom Fit
Advances in technology are now helping women who have had a mastectomy and have chose not to have reconstructive surgery. This technology has led to a new option for women who have been searching for a breast prosthesis that is made just for them.
Carb Confusion
Low-carb this - Low-carb that. It's the catch phrase of the moment. You can't go into the grocery store without seeing stockpiles of special products.   What is "low carb" anyway? Now we've learned the government is about to step in to calm the carb confusion.
Women Battling Hair loss
It's tough enough for a man to go bald, but for women, it can be even tougher. A lot of women experience hairloss, especially as they get older.  Unfortunately, as far as treatments, women tend to have fewer options but that is now beginning to change. 
Have A Healthy Super Bowl!!
It's here! The last major food event of the winter season -- the Super Bowl! If you decided to finally take off those pesky pounds, this Sunday could be your first real test of the New Year. Eyewitness News Healthbeat reporter Audrey Desrosiers has more on how you can still have the super foods without the super calories.
High CALcium/Low CAL Plan
If you're like most people, you probably vowed to take off a few pounds in 2004.  Many people find some diets too complicated or hard to follow.  Now, new research shows that an effective weight loss plan should start in the dairy aisle.
InstaCare System At Landmark
If you've ever been to the emergency room, you know waiting two or three hours or maybe a lot more to get treated is not uncommon.  Long waits in the ER are a fact of life... or are they?  One local hospital promises you'll be seen and treated in 30 minutes or less.
New Laser Prostatectomy Procedure
An enlarged prostate is a very common medical problem, affecting nearly half of all men over the age of 50.   While an enlarged prostate isn't cancerous or even life threatening, it can seriously affect a person's quality of life.  Now a new procedure being offered at Rhode Island Hospital is offering a simpler way to fix the problem.
Memory Disorder Study
Forgetting may seem like just a natural part of aging but for some it can be frustrating and affect our lives. Now one local hospital wants to see if different treatments that help Alzheimer's patients can help others get their minds back on track.
Public Flu Clinic Information
It could be a tough year for flu sufferers here in Southern New England. The Centers for Disease Control says the flu season is kicking off sooner than normal this year and now a new strain of the
What's In Your Bed?
They've been linked to asthma and allergy attacks. These nearly invisible creatures are lurking everywhere - even in your bed.  Tonight, in a special report, health reporter pat mastors takes a look at dust mites and how you can keep them from crawling into your life.
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Kid Bicyclists Slow to Move in Traffic
Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low
GAO: Drugs Easy to Get on the Net
Paxil's Maker Concedes Drug is Ineffective on Children
Alcoholic Stepfathers Spell Trouble for Girls
Health Tip: Medication for Children
Health Tip: Recording Your Child's Development
Cord Blood Stem Cells Saving Kids With Rare Disorder
Health Tip: Bathroom Safety

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