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 May 15, 2005
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Wednesday, May 4, 2005, AT A GLANCE

MICHAEL JACKSON: Prosecution wraps up case.

MISSING BRIDE: Plans to issue a statement Thursday.

PRISONER ABUSE-ENGLAND: Military judge rejects guilty plea in Abu Ghraib case.

MARINE-IRAQ SHOOTING: Marine taped shooting man in Iraq mosque won't face court-martial.

IRAQ: Bomber kills 60 in northern Iraq.

PAKISTAN-TERROR ARRESTS: Suspect arrested in Pakistan; 'on right track' toward bin Laden.

PEOPLE-WILLIAMS: Talk show host urges Congress to pass medical marijuana legislation.

FLU SEASON: Some will get flu vaccine first this fall.

MARSHALL SILVER DOLLAR: New coin honors longest-serving justice.


Please use caution teasing these items as news events regularly change, and our coverage plans change with them. All times EASTERN.


SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) _ Prosecutors rested their case Wednesday in the Michael Jackson trial after more than two months of dramatic testimony in which they sought to prove that the pop star molested a teenage cancer patient and conspired to hold his family captive at his fairy-tale estate. The defense immediately filed a motion for a judgment of acquittal on grounds the prosecution did not prove its case. Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville said the motion would be heard first thing Thursday.

APTV FACT SHEET: Michael Jackson-Fact Sheet.

APTV WIRE STORY: Michael Jackson.


FOOTAGE: Michael Jackson getting out of vehicle and walking towards the courthouse, Prosecutor Tom Sneddon walks through metal detector and into courtroom, Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. walks towards courthouse -- fed at 4:30 pm Eastern.

GRAPHICSBANK: GRAPHICSBANK 855057 (04/30/04)>> Michael Jackson arrives at court, Santa Maria, California. GRAPHICSBANK 844537 (04/22/04)>> Michael Jackson headshot, at Santa Maria courthouse, California. GRAPHICSBANK 854302 (04/22/04)>> Michael Jackson headshot.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO MJT106 (05/03/05)>> Michael Jackson and his mother Katherine return to court through the scanners after a break at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in Santa Maria, California Tuesday; APPHOTO MJT101 (05/03/05)>> Michael Jackson is scanned as he arrives at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

AUDIO CORRESPONDENT REPORT: Brian Bland, cuts 316-317, 321-323.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Jackson.


DULUTH, Ga. (AP) _ Townspeople who joined in the three-day search for runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks are getting increasingly peeved that they still have not heard an apology from her. Her attorney said Wilbanks plans to issue a statement Thursday. The attorney, Lydia Sartain, will hold a news conference at Lakewood Baptist Church.



PHOTO ARCHIVE: GRAPHICSBANK 888429 (04/30/05)>> Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, missing Georgia woman is escorted off airplane at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta. GRAPHICSBANK 888430 (04/30/05)>> Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, missing Georgia woman, covers her face with blanket as she is escorted through the airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico. GRAPHICSBANK 888395 (04/30/05)>> Jennifer Carol Wilbanks headshot, missing Georgia woman. GRAPHICSBANK 888431 (04/30/05)>> Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, missing Georgia woman is escorted by police through the airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico. GRAPHICSBANK 888352 (04/28/05)>> John Mason headshot, fiance of Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, missing woman, Duluth, Georgia. GRAPHICSBANK 888228 (04/28/05)>> Poster for Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, missing woman, Duluth, Georgia.


AUDIO CUTS: Upcoming.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Missing Bride. Wilbanks.


FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) _ A military judge Wednesday threw out Pfc. Lynndie England's guilty plea to abusing Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison, saying he was not convinced the Army reservist who appeared in some of the most notorious photos in the scandal knew her actions were wrong at the time. The mistrial marks a stunning turn in the case and sends it back to square one.

APTV FACT SHEET: Lynndie England-Fact Sheet.

APTV WIRE STORY: Prisoner Abuse-England.

NEWSPOWER WIRE STORY: Prisoner Abuse-England.

FOOTAGE: Lynndie England walking into military courthouse, Pvt. Charles Graner arriving at courthouse, woman with baby in arms arriving at courthouse, England walking out of courthouse, England surrounded by lawyers, walking into parking lot and into car -- fed at 5:30 pm Eastern (no access North America).

VIDEO LIBRARY: Search terms: Lynndie England, Prisoner Abuse.

GRAPHICSBANK: APPHOTO TXLM110 (05/02/05)>> Army Pfc. Lynndie R. England, center, is shown in a drawing with her defense counsels Rick Hernandez, left, and Capt. Jonathan Crisp during her court martial.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO TXLM103 (05/04/05)>> Army Pfc. Lynndie England adjusts her beret as she walks into the judicial complex for day three of her court martial at Ft. Hood, Texas, Wednesday; APPHOTO TXLM104 (05/04/05)>> Army Pvt. Charles Graner, Jr. smiles as he walks to the back entrance of the judicial complex to testify in the court martial of Pfc. Lynndie England; APPHOTO TXLM105 (05/04/05)>> Terri England carries her grandson Carter Allan England into the judicial for day three of her daughter Army Pfc. Lynndie England's court martial at Fort. Hood.

PHOTO ARCHIVE: GRAPHICSBANK 855565 (05/06/04)>> Undated photo courtesy of "The Washington Post": US Army soldier Lynndie England holds leash attached to naked prisoner on the floor at Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq.

AUDIO CORRESPONDENT REPORT: Terry Badger, cuts 57-58, 207-210, 258-261.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Lynndie England, prisoner abuse.


SAN DIEGO (AP) _ A Marine corporal who was videotaped shooting an apparently injured and unarmed Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque last year will not face court-martial, the Marine Corps announced Wednesday. A spokesman says a review of the evidence showed the Marine's actions in the shooting were "consistent with the established rules of engagement and the law of armed conflict."

APTV WIRE STORY: Marine-Iraq Shooting.

NEWSPOWER WIRE STORY: Marine-Iraq Shooting.

GRAPHICSBANK: GRAPHICSBANK 852847 (04/06/04)>> US Marines engage in gun battle with insurgents, Fallujah, Iraq, on texture with US MARINE CORPS seal. GRAPHICSBANK 836905 (10/22/03)>>

Marine Corps seal over US flag.


AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Marine. Iraq Shooting.


IRBIL, Iraq (AP) _ A suicide attacker slipped into line at a police recruitment center in this usually tranquil northern Kurdish city and blew himself up Wednesday, leaving the streets slick with blood in the deadliest insurgent attack in more than two months, police said. Sixty Iraqis were killed and 150 wounded.

LIVE LOCATION: Palestine Hotel, Baghdad.

FACILITIES: We have a stand-up position with full satellite connectivity for your reporter in Baghdad. To book a window, call 011-44-207-482-7580.

APTV FACT SHEET: Iraq-Fact Sheet.

APTV WIRE STORY: Iraq-Attacks-US, Iraq-Tackling the Insurgency, Iraq-US Deaths, Iraq, Italy-US-Iraq, Iraq-Money, Iraq-Missing Pilots, US-Iraq-Chalabi, Iraq-Baghdad Attack.

NEWSPOWER WIRE STORY: Iraq, Iraq-Missing Jets, Iraq-Salami Drop, Australia-Iraq-Hostage, US-Iraq Spending.

FOOTAGE: Truck carrying injured person rushing down street, shot of blast scene, fire engines, blood on street, car with shattered window, ambulances arriving at hospital with injured, injured man being wheeled into hospital -- fed at 4:30 pm Eastern. Video of aftermath in suicide attack, militant claim -- fed at 3:30 ped.

VIDEO LIBRARY: Search terms: Iraq, Irbil.

GRAPHICSBANK: GRAPHICSBANK 190847 (01/01/05)>> Iraq flag, graphic element on white.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO BAG106 (05/04/05)>> An injured Iraqi man is rushed to the hospital in Irbil; APPHOTO BAG104 (05/04/05)>> A Iraqi woman screams in tears in front of the security guard as victims of suicide bomb are transported to the emergency hospital in Irbil.

AUDIO CORRESPONDENT REPORT: Antonio Castaneda, cuts 283-286. Jon Belmont, cuts 328-330.

AUDIO CUTS: Malcolm Wood, brother of kidnapped Australian engineer Douglas Wood, in videotaped statement, cuts 133-135; Sound of ambulance outside police recruitment center in Irbil, cut 79; sound of Iraqis at a hospital in Irbil, cut 80.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Iraq, Irbil.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) _ Acting on a tip that foreign militants had been spotted, Pakistani commandos attacked a hideout near a hilly, rough-and-tumble northern town in the country's farm belt. After a firefight, they got their man _ al-Qaida's No. 3 operative, a close confidant of Osama bin Laden, say U.S. and Pakistani officials.

APTV FACT SHEET: Terror Arrests-Fact Sheet.

APTV WIRE STORY: Pakistan-Terror Arrests.

NEWSPOWER WIRE STORY: Pakistan-Terror Arrest.

FOOTAGE: Video with reax to arrest of senior al-Qaida man, Musharraf and Aziz, stills of suspect and Pakistan interior ministry -- fed at 3:30 ped.

VIDEO LIBRARY: Search terms: Abu Farraj al-Libbi.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO ISL103 (05/04/05)>> In this picture released by Pakistan's Interior Ministry, shows senior al-Qaida suspect Abu Faraj al-Libbi, Wednesday, May 4, 2005 in Islamabad; APPHOTO ISL101 (05/04/05)>> Undated photograph of senior al-Qaida suspect Abu Faraj al-Libbi published in Pakistani newspapers on Aug. 18, 2004 in Islamabad.

AUDIO CORRESPONDENT REPORT: Barry Schweid on Bush administration's reaction to arrest, cut 288. Mark Smith, cuts 177-178, 225.

AUDIO CUTS: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, cuts 289-291. Bush, cuts 174-176; Aftab Khan Sherpao (AHF'-tahb KAHN shur-POW'), Pakistani interior minister, cuts 140-141; Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Pakistani information minister, cuts 188-189; Stephen Hadley, White House national security adviser, cuts 214-218.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Pakistan, terror.


WASHINGTON (AP) _ Talk show host Montel Williams joined a group of medical marijuana advocates Wednesday in imploring Congress to allow him and other sick people to use the drug without fear of prosecution.

APTV WIRE STORY: People-Williams.

NEWSPOWER WIRE STORY: Montel Williams-Medicinal Marijuana.

GRAPHICSBANK: Search terms: Montel Williams. Marijuana.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO DCMC105 (05/04/05)>> Television talk show host Montel Williams, makes his remarks during a news conference with several lawmakers on Capitol Hill to introduce legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest Wednesday, May 4, 2005. APPHOTO DCMC106 (05/04/05)>> Television talk show host Montel Williams, left to right, joins Reps. Maurice Hinchey and Sam Farr during a news conference on Capitol Hill to introduce legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest Wednesday, May 4, 2005, in Washington.

PHOTO ARCHIVE: GRAPHICSBANK 888707 (05/04/05)>> Montel Williams, tv talk show host, holds can of federally prescribed marijuana during news conference on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. GRAPHICSBANK 838385 (04/06/02)>> Montel Williams headshot, tv talk show host. GRAPHICSBANK 748806 (06/13/96)>> Montel Williams headshot, tv talk show host.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Montel Williams. Marijuana.


WASHINGTON (AP) _ The elderly and others most at risk from the flu should be the first vaccinated this fall because of lingering uncertainty about vaccine supply, federal health officials said Wednesday. The government is hoping to avoid the flu vaccine shortages of the past winter, when a problem with an overseas manufacturing plant caused the nation's supply to be abruptly cut in half.


FACILITIES: Live shot position near the U-S Capitol; truck and crew for your reporters. For more information, contact Broadcast Services operations at (202) 736-9600 or Charlotte DeJean at (202) 258-4778. To book facilities directly, e-mail APTNBookings(at)ap.org.

APTV FACT SHEET: Flu-Fact Sheet.



VIDEO LIBRARY: Search terms: flu, influenza.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO WCAP103 (05/04/05)>> Doctor Julie Gerberding, director of the Center for Diesease Control, appears before the House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee on Capitol Hill Wednesday, May 4, 2005.

PHOTO ARCHIVE: GRAPHICSBANK 870636 (10/21/04)>> Elderly woman registers for a flu vaccination lottery, Bloomfield Township, New Jersey; GRAPHICSBANK 733131 (09/15/00)>> Nurse gives vaccination, photo.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: flu.


WASHINGTON (AP) _ The U.S. Mint is selling a silver dollar honoring legendary Chief Justice John Marshall, the first coin to pay tribute to a member of the Supreme Court. The Mint unveiled the coin Wednesday in a ceremony at the court, which was timed to mark the 250th birthday of the nation's fourth chief justice. It is producing 400,000 coins that will sell for less than $40 each.

APTV WIRE STORY: Scotus-Silver Dollar.


GRAPHICSBANK: Search terms: Silver dollar. Marshall.

PHOTOS: APPHOTO DCEV104 (05/04/05)>> Supreme Court Justice David Hackett Souter attends the unveiling ceremony of the new Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar on Wednesday, May 4, 2005. APPHOTO DCEV101 (05/04/05)>> Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, right, looks on as U.S. Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore, center, presents the new Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar to Supreme Court Historical Society President Peter Jones. APPHOTO DCEV105 (05/04/05)>> A view of the new Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar Wednesday, May 4, 2005 in Washington. APPHOTO DCEV103 (05/04/05)>> Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg attends the unveiling ceremony of the new Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar on Wednesday, May 4, 2005.

AUDIO ARCHIVE: Search SoundBank for: Silver dollar. Marshall.

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