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 May 11, 2005
Why get a pet?
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At Rumford Pet Center it is all about paring pet parents with pets. We make pets family members.   Rumford also offers quality accessories & supplies to go along with your new family member. Our dedicated staff members will help you make the best choice.  We are ready to direct you towards the right pet for you.  We have a knowledgeable staff ready to help make your very important and exciting decision.  Whether you are passionate about puppies, birds, small animals, fish or reptiles, we are the place for you. Rumford is here as guide during the life stages of you and your pets needs.  Whether your pets need is a bigger cage, more interactive toys, and\or quality food.

Come see us for the best pet for you.  We are ready to help you choose the right pet.  If you prefer birds, we have a beautiful selection of birds. Big birds, such as the macaws, parrots, cockatoos and African greys etc., are great if you are able to be home more than away. They need to interact and have plenty of your attention in order to get most out of your bird. Small birds are a wonderful addition to the family as well. Canaries can bring spring �like sounds all year round.  Smaller birds require less maintenance   Parakeets and cockatiels are the best choice for you first bird.  *Birds are very intelligent and need a lot of stimulation.  Give them lots of treats and toys.

 If you prefer small and furry. We have a selection of small animals, from bunnies to hamsters, to ferrets.  We also have chinchilla�s.  But believe it or not Rats make a great first pet.  They are really smart, trainable and very affectionate.  Gerbils are fast, fun to watch, and sleep for long periods of time.  Guinea pigs are very social, diurnal, vocal hardly ever bite and are fun to watch as well.  Hamsters, best kept alone can be tamed, nocturnal; black bears are the most friendliest. Bunnies make great first pets too.   

* Keep in mind all animals require food and water and a clean habitat.  Food and cages are all different for each breed.

Before you decide on a pet, visit our fish room even if fish are not your thing. Our newly renovated fish room is a must see.  If you never thought about getting fish before, you will after visiting our fish room. There are 3200 gallons of fresh water fish to gaze at and choose from. Our exotic saltwater section now totals 500 gallons with marines imported weekly.   We are happy to say we are now carrying live rock and coral.  Great for someone interested in a saltwater tank.  We have a 500 gallon plant tank also to enhance anyone�s tank. We have starter fish to exotic salt water fish tanks. �Wild to the mild�.  Fish can be for the novice to hobbyist.   You can choose from a 10 gallon starter tank to 220 gallons. We even can offer larger custom tanks for true hoppyist. We have specialist to help you with the aquarium basics, product knowledge and setting up and maintaining an aquarium. We have tanks to suit any house hold.  Fish can be low maintenance to high depending on what you choose.  Having fish can relive stress.  Fish tanks can be great for detail-oriented people.  There are 1000�s of ornaments to choose from. You can pretty much set up you tank to resemble anything.  Have fun with it, great for people that want to be creative. If you love a fun challenge, maintaining the correct water quality of a fish tank can be just that.

Reptiles, a whole different world, but part of our �fish room�.  If you like the �prehistoric appearance� of some reptiles, reptiles might be for you.  Whether be a snake, toad, frog, lizard, or a turtle we have one for you.  We have reptile specialist that would love to help you find the best fit for you lifestyle. You can have fun setting up a natural terrarium.  If you like �the lizard type� bearded dragons make a starter lizard.  If you are looking for something that would stay relatively small, geckos would be a good choice. They usually stay under 12 inches. Skinks on the other hand have very shiny appearance and have short legs.  Chameleons, are the most unique of the species.  Chameleons have many colors and skins patterns. They are also tree-dwelling, so you be creative and design a forest-like habitat. And let�s not forget about are slow but surely turtles and tortoises.  They are amazing creatures to watch and make great pets.

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies who wouldn�t want a puppy.  How much is that puppy in the window? A question we get asked everyday.  We offer all sizes, shapes, personalities, herding, working or just plan for fun. Whether you have a small house or a farm we have a puppy match for you.  We have puppies that have hair as opposed to fur for someone that may have allergies.  Some need a lot of exercise others are more laid back and don�t require a high activity level.  Some puppies are low maintenance and some are high maintenance and require frequent salon visits.  Boxers for instance, demand a lot of attention so they need lots of your love.  Pomeranians are vocal �talk� a lot voicing their opinion about everything. Maltese, require daily grooming, and love to charm you with their beauty.  Pugs are cuddly natural clowns and love to be with their owners. All puppies make a great addition to the family or just make great pals.

Its easy to fall in love at Rumford.  Just look in any of our windows.  Cold noses, a wagging tail and anxious eyes staring back at you.  Puppies are so innocent and ready to please.  They are looking for someone to walk by and fall in love.  If you choose a puppy for you new pet guarantee they will become their best friend.  Come in and see if we can find the perfect match.

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