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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | People Search | Personals | Travel | Yellow Pages  January 10, 2005
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The Investigators
Could beauty products cause cancer?
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Many of you would never leave the house without it. Deodorant. \

Tonight - The Investigators uncover shocking new information about the link between some anti-perspirants and breast cancer.

 About five years ago women's email inboxes were flooded with warnings about our every day anti-perspirant...

To think twice about our daily deodorants. Now a new study shows a chemical commonly found in anti-perspirants...

Have also been found in breast tumors. They're called parabens... And they lurk in dozens of beauty products. Most scientists and doctors won't deny parabens are toxic... The question is whether or not these dangerous chemicals, commonly found in underam deodorants, can actually absorb into our skin and cause breast cancer.

 "I really believe there is a link."

More and more women, like nicia, are beginning to wonder if there is a link. That's after a new study was published in the journal of applied toxicology...

Where researchers in britain revealed they had found parabens in breast cancer tumors.

"I'm not saying that this is the cause, but it may be a factor."

Nurse Jane Jansen works here at the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Seekonk.

Jane is a holistic specialist and hosts a weekly radio call-in program focusing on holistic medicine. She says this study is not surprising and, while she admits that more research needs to be done in order to prove the link... She says women should be taking extra precautions when using certain beauty products.

"I think anytime you have toxins that you're putting into your body. Anything that we can do to eliminate those toxins is beneficial."

Parabens is actually the name given to a group of toxic preservatives... You can usually find them on the backs of products preceded with methyl... Butyl... And propyl.

But are these chemicals being absorbed into our bodies?

"In this particular study, they found the ester form of the paraben which meant it was absorbed through the skin."

But many toxicologists say there's no evidence proving these chemicals are actually causing cancer.

"I don't think that this study in itself should change behavior in any way. We obviously need to know more information about what causes breast cancer to begin with."

Despite the advice... It's becoming easier to find products offering a more natural approach than ever before.

"You don't hve to go to a health food store... Might think."

Nicia says she doesn't need solid evidence... She's taking precautions nevertheless.

"I do think that there are a lot of things out there that are dangerous to your well being that people are just not aware of."

Interestingly, we found that, in the u-s, most anti-perspirants do not contain parabens... But a lot of other products. Do.

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