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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  January 22, 2004
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The Eyewitness News Investigators
Exclusive: We uncover a security risk at a local courthouse
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The Eyewitness News Investigators with an exclusive on court house security. Since 9-11 courthouse across southern new England have been beefing up security..

But the Eyewitness News Investigators found one courthouse where anyone could just walk right in-without anyone noticing.

It's a place that supposed to be safe since the terrorist attack on 9-11. Courthouses have added more security- metal detectors, guards, and restricted entrances now greet people as they go into them. Except this one. This is Fall River superior court.

" Check this out, the main entrance here has no security, the door is literally wide open, and inside no metal detectors no security guard..."

And it took sometime before we were found inside.

"We're inside and no one even knows it. And the side entrance over here its the same story, wide open"

Eventually we met up with the security guard at the courthouse.

"Does it make sense to you sir, that here in the year 2003..."

" I have no comment..."

" I am wondering if you feel or think the people come here should feel vulnerable?"

"I wouldn't be in the job that I'm in if I felt that I was vulnerable"

But some courthouse workers the Investigators talked to do feel vulnerable.

"Yeah I wish we did have them- security, because there's probationers that go up the third floor they carry weapons but there's nobody to protect us"

One courthouse workers walk us through what she goes through to try and stay safe.

"It's wide open here, I know it's scary.. two doors.. sometimes I'm alone I have to close the doors and lock it.

"Really? you lock the door to the courthouse for your own safety?"

"On this door here.. it's definitely scary.."

But letters have been sent to Boston to get more security for the courthouse.

"What's the holdup? It seems so obvious to me. The budget and it's a civil court and they don't feel that a civil court has any threat."

Workers say convicted criminals accused of felonies walk the halls.. Some accused of even rape have the same access in and out of the courthouse as we did.

"So if some nut were to come in here."

"I got a problem, I would have a major problem."

A major problem that according to this woman, the state is slow to address.

We did talk to the state, and they say improving security at the courthouse is a low priority for the state. But it's something they are looking at.

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