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Plant an Indoor Herb Garden
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The Perfect Garden for Limited Space:

It isn't necessary for you to have rolling hills and ten acres of land to have a nice garden. You can grow fresh herbs in the windowsill of your own kitchen! No matter how limited your space is, there is always room for a few plants that will liven up your kitchen and your cooking. Starting an indoor herb garden is simple and inexpensive, so you can start right away. 

Materials You Will Need:

  • Containers- Small plant pots made with a hole in the bottom for drainage are perfect for an indoor herb garden. You can even buy pots that match the style of your kitchen or that add a splash of color to your windowsill.  If you don't wish to purchase planting pots, you can use recycled yogurt containers or any type of small plastic container in which you can poke holes in the bottom.
  • Seeds-  The choice of seeds really depends on your own cooking usage.  If you make many Italian dishes, fresh basil is a must. If you enjoy preparing Spanish food, cilantro is essential.  Parsley is perfect for attractively garnishing most dishes.  Lavender can add delicate flavor to many desserts, while rosemary can contribute flavor to simple starches such as rice or mashed potatoes. Ideally, choose the herbs that you will use most. 
  • Soil-  Simple potting soil bought at any neighborhood hardware or gardening store will do. 

Plant the Seeds:

It certainly doesn't take a pro-gardener or a lot of time to plant your herb garden.  First, take the containers and fill them three-quarters of the way with soil. Make sure that you loosely fill the container, there is no need to pack the soil at this time. Also, add water if needed to make the soil  moist before you plant the seeds.  If there is drainage at the bottom, you probably will never drown the seeds, but still keep in mind that you don't need to saturate the soil, simply keep it moist. 

Secondly, sprinkle a few seeds on top of the loose soil. Each pot should only house one type of herb. Five to seven seeds for each planter should suffice; your should try to avoid crowding the herbs. 

Next, you should fill the remaining space in the container will a bit more potting soil, covering the seeds.  Lightly press down on the soil on the top of the container.  Then, place the container near a sunny window and wait for the sprouts to come up! 

Check on the soil as often as possible to ensure that it is hydrated.  The plants will probably need watering every few days.  Watering the plant in the heat of the daytime sun can weaken the plant, so it is best to water the plants at night. 

The first seedlings will sprout up rather quickly, in five days or so.  However, it is best to wait about three weeks before you start using the herbs. 

Reap the Benefits!

Now that you have taken the necessary steps to confirm that you herbs are healthy and growing, you can start using them.  The easiest way to use the herbs is just to take scissors and snip off sprigs from the top of the plant.  When you snip off the herbs, more will grow rather quickly.  Still, you want to avoid snipping off too much of the plant, for it may not be capable of growing back immediately.  

Take pride in your fresh herbs.  You saved money by growing them yourself, and they are free of pesticides and chemicals.  Your favorite recipes will certainly taste better with fresh herbs. Also, if you are seeking more recipe ideas for your fresh herbs, click on these tasty dishes:

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