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 May 14, 2005
Wireless Cancellation Fees
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Joan bought two cell phones, one for herself and one for her companion. But when her friend passed away shortly after, Verizon was charging her a $175 cancellation fee!  Joan says she was outraged over the lack of compassion,  so she Called for Action.

"She died at 61..too young..."- Joan Tremblay 

 Joan Tremblay's long time companion of 17 years, died of cancer. "She never liked the cell phone."-Tremblay

When Jeri got sick, Joan bought them each a cell phone... "I said, your sick, I want you to have this phone..just pick up the phone and call me!" -Tremblay  But Jeri didn't get to use her cell phone that long, because just six months after getting it, she died.  "I went to the contract and it said nothing about death, not included or excluded." -Tremblay 

  Joan called Verizon to cancel her friends plan and was outraged to hear this..
'Well, you still have to pay the $175 dollar termination fee!' "I said, this doesn't make sense."-Tremblay

 That's when Joan called for action. "I was sitting at the kitchen table and I said..ah ha! Susan Hogan. I watch her every night, I'll call."-Tremblay  

Call for Action contacted Verizon, not only did they take away the cancellation fee, they even credited their bill for one month. A Verizon Spokesperson told us that they always wave the cancellation fee if the person whose name is on the account dies. In Joan's case, she was the only name on the account, and therefore ran into trouble when she tried to cancel the other phone. Word of advice, you should always include the names of everyone who will be using the phone service. 

 Our Problem Solvers are waiting to hear from you. You can call our hotline at 401-228-1850. With your call for action, I'm problem solver Susan Hogan, eyewitness news.

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