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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  January 11, 2004
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Top Five Reasons to Post Your Resume
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Five Reasons You Should Post Your Resume

Which is the best online approach for finding a better job? Posting a resume? Or searching and applying online? The answer is, "BOTH!" You need to be doing both.

ItÔŅĹs time to get with the program.
Even though POSTING A RESUME has been possible since mid 1990s, it remains a relatively "new" job search tool to many job seekers. Maybe this is because thereÔŅĹs no pre-Internet precedent for it. Searching and applying online is basically a the same process as answering newspaper help wanted ads ---albeit, on steroids. ItÔŅĹs rooted in the way we used to things.

POSTING is an Internet thing. Your grandfather would call resume POSTING "new-fangled" and heÔŅĹd probably avoid it. But you canÔŅĹt afford that luxury. You have to get with the program and post your resume. Because itÔŅĹs part of looking for job in the Internet Age and employers expect it.

Posting wins the numbers game.
Posting your resume expands your network big time. In the olden days you could "blast" your resume, by snail mail, to a handful of decision-makers. With POSTING, in a few mouse clicks, you can put your resume on the desktops of thousands of hiring managers and recruiters. Try to duplicate that kind of coverage in the old days and youÔŅĹd be deathly ill from licking the postage stamps.

ItÔŅĹs as easy as...
Posting is a snap. As we already pointed out, posting takes a few mouse-clicks and youÔŅĹre done. ItÔŅĹs fast, easy to do, and free. ItÔŅĹs also easy for anyone who searches views and downloads your resume, to send it to a colleague looking for just your set of skills. ItÔŅĹs Internet marketing at itÔŅĹs best and YOU are the product.

Look for a job without looking for a job.
A lot of job seekers have an interest in changing jobs but enough time to search and apply. Posting lets them "announce their candidacy" without hitting the campaign trail. With posting, employers search for the candidates!

Test the effectiveness of your resume.
HowÔŅĹs your resume doing? Do you know for sure? Posting gives you a chance to do some sophisticated market research. Because you can post multiple resumes, (on CareerBuilder itÔŅĹs five) you can actually target them to different audiences or test your messaging on the same audience. Then, you can make meaningful adjustments to your overall resume approach that can improve your results tremendously.

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