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 October 31, 2003
House & Home
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19 Ways to Create an Unforgettable First Date
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Most singles agree that finding the right person to ask out, and then actually asking that person out, is the hardest part of dating.

It's the anticipation night after night of meeting new people and discovering if there is a possible connection. Now that you've swallowed your pride, got a phone number, asked your potential match out, and he or she said yes... what do you do? How can you make a good first impression so there will be a second date?

Here are 19 ways to make that first date an unforgettable event.

1) Make the other person feel that you really thought about what he or she might enjoy.

2) Do something that allows you to talk, but not be focused completely on each other (thus avoiding the uncomfortable silence that inevitably comes up every seven minutes, forcing the guy say something stupid). Try candle making, paint-your-own-pottery, disco bowling, etc.

3) Do something unique, like a TV show taping, a street carnival, a Renaissance Fair � you can talk about how glad you are you aren't these people.

4) Suggest a delicious but hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian restaurant for dinner or meet her for drinks at a strip club. If your date can't handle it, you probably wouldn't WANT a second date.

5) Getting injured can engage the sympathy factor � she'll probably insist on seeing you at least once after you get out of the hospital.

6) Clothes definitely factor into your appeal but can sabotage you if you don't FEEL good. Nobody wants a second date with someone who whines about shoes that are too tight.

7) Personal hygiene is essential to attraction � especially for the ladies � so get squeaky clean.

8) Unreasonably high expectations are a certain buzz kill. Your goal is to have fun and get to know each other better. Keep those hopes and dreams in check and you'll have a better chance of success.

9) Focus on being you � natural, confident and utterly alluring. If your date doesn't dig the real you, what's the point?

10) Don't go overboard with a five-course meal at the city's best restaurant or renting a hot air balloon � you might secure that second date under false pretenses. She may like you a lot, but if you put on the full-court press or choose an activity she's not comfortable with, you're toast.

11) Men want to be with women who make them feel good. Don't let your nerves distract you from showing interest in his conversation, laughing at his jokes or complimenting him.

12) Avoid topics like religion and politics.

13) And NEVER discuss exes. This is your date, not your psychotherapist.

14) Women tend to interview men on the first date. Don't come off as evasive, but leave a little to the imagination. Chicks dig mysterious men.

15) Make sure your date's having a good time � but don't pester.

16) And if it's not going well, engage in Plan B, as in BEFORE your date.

17) An unwelcome move can end the most fabulous date. Not putting the moves on her could increase your chances of a second date by making her feel like you see her as more than just a hot babe.

18) If she offers to buy a round, pick up the cab fare or cover her part of the tab, decline gracefully once. If she insists, give in. Being pushy is a deal breaker. Acquiescing shows respect.

19) Before bidding adieu, say how much you enjoyed the outing. Resist the temptation to make plans for date two, however. Take a night or two to sleep on it. Most guys want to wait a week before calling her back. Most girls want to call the next morning. Compromise. Call in a few days with a thank you and then ask for the next go-round.

Ready to experience an unforgettable date? Start today by initiating a quick search to find someone in your area.

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