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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | Personals | Yellow Pages  February 29, 2004
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Where to Meet a Potential Partner
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Try looking in the places listed below.

  • At work. While many companies frown on intercorporation relationships, it doesn't mean that you should steer clear of someone who might be a good match. It just means you shouldn't be playing footsies at a meeting. Keep your eye out for a potential mate that you may just want to get to know outside the office.

  • On vacation. People travel to see knew things and meet new people. Take advantage of this opportunity. Exploring new things together is a great way to get to know someone new.

  • At church. Chances are you're going to have the same beliefs and morals. That's a firm ground for starting a new relationship. Start staying for the coffee after the service or sign up for a class or retreat.

  • At a concert. You like the same music - that's a start. Plus music makes people feel good and prone to socializing. Get after it!

  • At a sporting event. Like the concert, you start out with a similar interest and just look how many new faces there are in the stands!! Plus, if you hit it off, rest assured there's another game coming soon.

  • At a retail store. Most people like hearing a second opinion when shopping for new clothes. Why not extend a helping hand? Maybe s/he needs a place to wear that gorgeous new cashmere sweater!

  • At the beach. Running around in bathing suits already gives us a start on taking our guards down. Why not use the opportunity to make new friends? Invite that cute guy or gal to join your group in a game - or sip one of the spare drinks you have in your cooler!

  • In a bar or restaurant. Don't knock it. While chances are there will be many misses before you find your match, eating and drinking establishments remain the #1 place for meeting someone new.

  • At a wedding. Love is in the air, everyone there is someone your friends have already pre-screened and confirmed as  "good news," and the bride and groom spend a lot of time seating friends with people they think they'll get along with. Enough said.

  • Online . We hear more and more stories every day about people finding their soul mate over the Internet. Why not see who's out there? Just be sure to be careful and not give out too much personal information to everyone that looks good. Along with the great ones, there are lingering whackos.

  • Volunteering. Why not help someone else while you are helping yourself? Plus you'll know the person you find has a good heart, which is a great place to start.


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