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 October 31, 2003
House & Home
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Plan a Night Out
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OK, so you've decided that you and your loved one deserve a night out, but how do you go about organizing it?  Follow our guide to a perfectly planned night out!

What are you going to do?
Find out what is available in your local area. Make a list of new nightclubs or restaurants, films that you might like to see, concerts that are in the park and anything else that could make a top notch night out.

Who's going?
Is it just you and your sweetheart, or are you going to invite another couple or group of friends?  Decide on a certain event that you would really like to go to, and see how many of your favorite people would like to go. Go with the majority - if someone can't go on that particular day they will have to re-arrange their previous plans or not go at all.  It should be a night about you and your partner.

Cost, start and end times.
You will need to find out how much everything will cost. Book tickets in advance so that you are guaranteed to get in, or make your reservation so that you have a cozy table at that new restaurant. The next thing you need to do is find out exactly when your event/date starts and finishes.

When and where to meet?
You should consider meeting your mates at least 20 minutes before your event starts to give everyone plenty of time to get organized and ready to enjoy themselves. Make sure you meet in a place that everyone can reach easily (rather than a dark street corner), so that way no one gets lost.

Fun Stuff!
You've done the important part of the planning, now you can get on with the details like clothes, shopping, candles or flowers, arranging the after-hours cocktails or dessert, and generally looking forward to the actual night!

Here are some ideas:

  • Play Games
    Find the local arcade and hit it up with your sweetie. Indulge in all the kiddie fun, just make sure you have enough quarters. There's nothing like sparking some competition up before you get home and prove your real skills!
  • Spend the night at an amusement park
    As long as you spend the day riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy! Splurge on all the goodies and play arcade games.
  • Take a Romantic Ride
    Grab a blanket and go for a carriage ride thru the park or downtown. While your covered up you can snuggle with your sweetie and get some one on one time.
  • Rent a hotel room for the evening
    For pure fun and the thrill of doing something naughty, rent a room that has a hot tub in the room. You can also rent a room at the new posh hotel downtown. This will set you back a little bit but there is nothing like sipping champagne, dressed in nothing but a comfy robe to get the romance flowing. Hang out, watch movies, order room service and spend the whole day in bed.
  • Get really good tickets to a sporting event or concert
    Splurge and get those second row seats. Do it early enough and they won't demand your first born as repayment. Seriously though, plan ahead and you should be able to get good seats for not too much money.
  • Plan a picnic in the park
    Grab a good bottle of wine, some candles, and have dinner or dessert in the park. You can make it as fancy as you want (sandwiches or a fully catered meal) just don't forget a blanket and a small bottle of bug spray.
  • Seek out a local art opening
    Look in the weekend guide for local art openings. Go explore and learn about the artist and his work. You never know when you may come upon something you really like and want to add it to your collection. Plus, art openings are free and usually offer hors d'oeuvres and wine, so it's a good place to start the night out.
  • Go to the arboretum or botanic garden
    Make sure that the weather will be nice and allow yourself plenty of time for strolling through the gardens. Check the internet for the location of the gardens in your town.
  • Look at the stars onboard a moonlit sail
    If you live near a lake or ocean plan a moonlit sail; with the stars above and nothing but the two of you on the water how can you resist a kiss? If neither of you know how to sail, charter a boat and a skipper and enjoy the ride.
  • Rent 4x4's and go riding through sand dunes, the mts or in the snow
    Rent a couple of 4x4's and go on an adventure for the evening. Bring a picnic along and have dinner at the end of the day.
  • If you're a City Girl/Guy escape to the country for the afternoon
    Drive through the open plains and take deep breaths of fresh country air. Spend the day in the city if you are living on the farm from day to day. Stop at a local diner for dinner and a taste of the town.
  • Go to your local airport and watch planes land and take off
    Lay back on the hood of your car and cuddle up next to your sweetie. This date idea doesn't cost anything and is quite romantic. (You might even be able to get a free ride with one of the pilots!)
  • Spend the day at the aquarium and go out for seafood at night
    Going to the aquarium is much different than just looking in your neighbors fish tank. You can check out the great whites and the penguins at the aquarium, and then check out the lobsters at your favorite seafood restaurant.
  • Charter a helicopter and take a tour of the city at night
    Check out your local yellow pages or search the Internet for tour operators. If you live in a major city it shouldn't be a problem tracking this information down.
  • Enroll in ballroom dancing classes together
    Set aside one night a week where the two of you take dancing classes just for fun. Make sure you are not commenting on your partners skills but emphasize that it is something fun for you to do together.
  • Check out the local drive-in movie theater
    Going to a movie has been overdone, so add you own little twist and your date will be able to distinguish between a flicker in their eye and a flick with you. Look in the yellow pages or search the internet for the nearest drive-in.
  • Plan a weekend away
    Nothing says I love you like a romantic weekend getaway. Check out our Travel Planner for the perfect trip.
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