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 April 26, 2005
Allergy Quiz
Allergies are extremely common, but often poorly understood. See how much you know about the cause and treatment of this widespread disease.
Check Your Cholesterol Now
Scientists have done wonders at figuring out ways to control cholesterol. Do you need to start applying them less casually? Or are your numbers low enough to make a cardiologist's day?
Arthritis Checkup
Sometimes regular aches and pains can be the sign of a disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Find out how serious your symptoms may be.
Carbohydrates: Rate Your Intake
It isn't just how many carbs you eat that counts; it's which ones. Nutritionally, carbs range from super-healthy to almost useless.
Are You Getting Enough Protein?
Even though protein is the raw material for every cell in your body, you don't actually need that much. But that doesn't guarantee you're getting enough.
Just How Sleep-Deprived Are You?!?
The amount of sleep you need may have little to do with the amount you actually get. Is your body coping fine, or showing signs of running down?
Cold Checkup
Are you dripping, blowing, hacking and generally miserable? Does it seem like you've felt that way forever? Test the odds that it's not a cold, and find out what to do about it.
Prostate Check For Men
The problem with prostates for most men is simple: enlargement. This is often more of a bathroom nuisance than anything else. But not always.
Body Mass Index
Rather than relying simply on the bathroom scale, experts are increasingly urging people to know their BMI, a figure that takes into account not just weight but height to indicate body fat.
Smoking Cessation Quiz
How dependent to nicotine are you? How easy will it be for you to quit? Find out now and you could be taking the first critical step to saving your life!
Ideal Body Weight
For years, people looked up their weight on tables drawn from insurance company statistics. While those are still around, this is a newer, more accurate way to calculate what is truly a healthy weight range for you.
Latest Health News
Children With Soft-Tissue Cancers Face Risk of More Tumors
MRI May Help Detect Subconscious Thoughts
Defibrillator Manufacturer Expands Recall
E-mails Suggest Merck May Have Known of Vioxx's Risks: Report
MRI May Help Detect Subconscious Thoughts
MRI May Help Detect Subconscious Thoughts
IBM Develops Medical Data-Sharing Technology
Defibrillator Manufacturer Expands Recall
E-mails Suggest Merck May Have Known of Vioxx's Risks: Report
U.S. Traffic Death Rate Hit Record Low in 2004

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