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MARKETPLACE:  Auto | Jobs | People Search | Personals | Travel | Yellow Pages  January 16, 2005
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Why Save?
Unfortunately, most Americans did not listen to their parents at a young age when they were told to start saving their pennies. Fortunately, it's not to late and there are many different ways to save.
The Magic Behind Retirement Accounts
While there is some method behind the magic of retirement accounts, the phenomenal growth of your savings may seem mystical without too much of your own doing.
Mutual Funds
A mutual fund is a pool of stocks or bonds managed by professional investors and sold, in pieces, to common investors.
A stock is simply a piece of a company. When a company feels that they are (or soon will be) profitable enough to peak the interest of investors, they �go public.�
What Is a 401k?
We've been told that there is nothing more powerful for our retirement than starting a 401k. What is this magic tool and how does it work?
What is an IRA?
IRA stands for �Individual Retirement Account.� Like a 401k, this tax-deferred (meaning the money is taxed upon removal only) savings plan was created by the IRS.
�CD� stands for �certificate of deposit.� The idea is that you lend money to a bank for a set amount of time while accruing interest at a higher rate of return.
Mutual Fund Glossary
Become familiar with the basic terms concerning the many types of mutual funds available, and fees associated with their purchase.
What are the Benefits of an IRA?
An IRA (defined in �What Is an IRA�) has many benefits, when you can put as much money into the plan as possible without going into debt to support yourself at your current income level.
Pros and Cons of CDs
There are many investment options out there. Knowing the pros and cons of each will help you make the right decision about which one is right for you.
Mutual Funds: Do Your Homework Before You Buy
Before making any financial commitments review this checklist to make sure you�re really prepared.
A bond is a loan that you make to a government organization (state or national), local municipality or a major corporation (such as Ford, GE, GM, etc).
Mutual Funds: Open-ended vs. Closed-ended
Open-ended, closed-ended... what does it all mean?
Capital Gains Tax
There are three questions to consider when computing capital gains tax. First, whether you have sold a capital asset. Second, what is your cost basis, or the price you originally paid for that asset, and finally, what is your holding period.
7 Great Reasons to Invest in Government Bonds
Whether you're saving for a new home, car, vacation, education, retirement, or for a rainy day, U.S. Savings Bonds can help you reach your goals with safety, market-based yields, and tax benefits.

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The Credit Center
Order Your Credit Report Now!
If you're looking to buy a home or apply for a loan, or are simply worried about identity theft, this is the best time to order your credit report.
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What's a Good Credit Score?
It's your right to know what credit scoring agencies are saying about you. Learn what's considered a "good" score.
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Suffering from lower back pain? Try our spine wizard!
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