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 May 14, 2005
Auto Club Hits Road Block
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You pay for the service, but when you need them where's the tow truck? Call for Action investigates an auto club that has left hundreds of people stranded with no where to go....except for Call for Action.

 Your driving along the highway when suddenly you run out of gas, or your car stalls. It's a frightening moment.

Kathleen Correia, Stranded Customer, East Providence

 "They said they would always be there because I'm handicapped."

But when Kathleen Correia's car broke down in the middle of the night, her auto club wasn't there.


 "I was stuck by myself and I was calling from my cell phone and I couldn't get anybody, I was very upset and very panicked."

Kathleen is a member of Continental Auto Rescue. For $99 her one year membership includes 24 hour emergency towing, road service, delivery of gas, tires, batteries... It all sounds good, but one problem, when you call the emergency number, no one answers.


 Now when I called,  the towing number is disconnected, and customer service, it just rings and rings, you can't get to a live person."

 When Kathleen's membership expired after one year, she thought she was thru with Continental Auto Rescue but the company had other plans.


"They just took the $99 out of my account without my permission!"

 Call for Action has learned that there are numerous complaints nationwide about Continental Auto Rescue..customers all complaining that this company continues to withdraw yearly fees from their bank accounts without ever providing a service.


"I don't want other people to get scammed like I did."

 Up until about 7 months ago, Continental Auto Rescue was taking calls,  but since around September, they seem to have disappeared. Right now the company is under investigation by Attorney's General in several states. If you are currently a member of Continental, you may still be able to get road side assistance until your membership expires. Call for Action tracked down a disptach company that is willing to help you.

Call for Action has learned that this company has paid it's bill to use a central dispatch company for the current year.  If you are still a customer, you may be able to get Road Side assistance. 

The number for Road Side Assistance only applies to current customers of Continental Auto Rescue, (800)359-4202

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