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 May 14, 2005
"Best Buy?" Not Exactly!
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 What good is buying an extended warranty if the store ignores it? After washing clothes in a broken machine for nearly five years she's had it, so she decides to clean house and Call for Action.

Ann Carrier, Pawtucket

"I am a fanatic! I do laundry every single day."

 Ann Carrier bought this General Electric washing machine from Best Buy four years ago! She even purchased an extended warranty.


"When you buy an extended warranty it's like a car, bumper to bumper."

 "Or in this case, top to bottom, or so Ann thought.


"I got a very bad odor."

 Within months of buying the machine, a service tech contracted from Best Buy found that not only had the transmission blown, but the motor was broken! So he fixed it.


 "But within a month it was broken again this time, the machine sprung a leak! Something about a switch."

 But this time the service tech couldn't find the source, so instead of fixing it Ann relied on her extended warranty. But Best Buy said, sorry, it's not covered.


 "I don't understand, you buy an extended warranty and you have to fight."

 And Ann put up a fight, but lost because according to her Best Buy said the leak was related to the first service call and not a separate issue. Ann didn't' like that answer,  especially because she started to get blamed for the problems.


"Now they're telling me I used the wrong detergent. I use too much soap, I put too much laundry in there."

 That's when Ann decided to contact one of our Call for Action Problem Solvers.


"She called me back one day and says, don't worry, Susan Hogan will come to see you and here you are!"

We contacted Best Buy and asked them why they weren't honoring the extended warranty. It was obvious Ann's washing machine was a lemon. A spokesperson admitted that this was excessive, and the store should have been a little better at responding to Ann's numerous complaints. Because of our report, they did decide to give Ann a brand new washing machine, which she now has and she couldn't be happier. If you have a consumer problem you need help solving, contact our Call for Action Problem Solvers Monday thru Thursday from 11:00am until 1:00pm, our hotline is 228-1850.

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