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 May 14, 2005
Phone Bill Flap
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 It's hard enough disputing a small charge on your phone bill that isn't yours, but imagine fighting a $400 charge to a porn web site. It's not only a challenge, it's embarassing.

Judith Peterson, Consumer

"When I saw that I said...unbelievable"

 Judith Peterson is a sweet woman, who lives a very clean life...married to her husband of 17 years...they pay their bills on time, pay their taxes, all in all, they just enjoy life.


"I'm not going to turn around and pay for someone else enjoyment."

 That's where she draws the line...who could blame her. A recent phone bill revealed a disturbing call. A long distance call to a pornography website totalling more than $400!


"I know my husband didn't call, that's for sure!"

 Judith contacts Verizon, they told her she needed to call AT & T, the company charging the call.


"I called AT & T and I told them them the situation and she said we get bills like that, no problem, we'll take care of it."

 But weeks later, not only does Judith get another bill with the $400 charge still on it...she gets 2 letters threatening to disconnect her phone...she calls AT & T again.


"He said, yes you did call, but we're not going to dismiss it, and I said oh yes your are because I didn't make those calls! . So I hung up the phone and I decided to Call for Action.

We called AT & T who apologized for the mixup and promised to remove the 400 dollar charge immediately..and they did.


"So thank you Call for Action because if it wasn't for you, I don't know what I would do."

 Just how those charges ended up on the Peterson's bill is pretty confusing. But it appears that somehow, someone got their phone number off the internet and was able to use it for their enjoyment. But this time, they messed with the wrong lady.

 If you have a problem you need help solving contact our Call for Action Center Monday Thru Thursday from 11 until 1,  228-1850.  I'm Problem Solver Susan Hogan, Eyewitness News.

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