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 September 26, 2003
House & Home
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Beware! Colored Contact Lenses
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Brown to green, these days thousands of people are changing their eye color like they change their clothes. .\ But buying colored contacts from just any old store may have you seeing red.

Every morning, Amy Thibodeau turns her hazel eyes into a dazzling green!


"I get complimented on them all the time!"

 Amy wanted a new look and ordered colored lenses off the internet...but what happened next sent Amy running to the doctors.


 "They literally fell off! When I would roll my eye up, the contact would slide right down."  

That's because colored  contacts are thicker than clear ones, so they fit on your eye differently.

Muriel Schornack, MD

"Next we're going to measure the curvature of the front surface of the eye"

 Doctor Muriel Schornack says if a lens does not cover the cornea of your eye properly, you can develop inflammation under the upper eyelid... These two pictures represent the most serious complication of contact wear and that is a corneal ulcer... Buying colored contacts from any place other than from an ophthalmologist can wind up disastrous.. In fact the FDA has issued a warning about buying colored lenses sold in convenience stores, flea markets or other spots...

Dr. Schornack

"People who don't have refractive error, in my opinion, should not wear contacts b/c they do increase the risk of corneal infection!"

 The FDA has approve the prescription only sale of some contact lenses for cosmetic use. . The FDA's approval guarantees the lenses were made under the sterile-conditions, and requires that consumers be told how to insert and care for the lenses to minimize the risk of infection.

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